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02-23-2007, 05:34 AM
Once again, I am getting that message that I need to say something. So, here's an oldie but a goodie my Dad told me:

So, George goes to his doctor one day and his doctor tells him that he is woefully out of shape and needs to exercise. George relunctantly agrees, and, as soon as he gets home, he gets his old bicycle out of the garage, gets it ready for the road, and heads out. After a few days of riding, George is starting to think that he is getting into pretty good shape already, so, he decides he needs a real challenge. He decides that he is going to try to bike up the steepest hill in town.

So, he sets out. By the time he gets a quarter mile up the long hill, he is really tired. But he is determined. After a few more yards, he figures walking would be just as good, and starts walking his bike up the hill.

A few minutes later, a kid in brand new Corvette stops next to George. "Hey, man," he kid yells out the window, "you need a ride to the top of the hill?"

George thinks about this for a second, and, realizing that he is too tired, really, to go any farther, he agrees. "But what about my bike?" George asks, eyeing the Corvette's small trunk.

"Oh, good point," the kid says. "I'd say we just strap it to the back, but it might scratch my paint."

"Yeah," George replies. "So, what are we going to do?"

"I know!" the kid says. "I have a rope in the trunk. I can just tie the rope to your bike, and the other end to the car frame, and I'll tow you up the hill!"

"Oh," George says, obviously a little hesitant. "What if you get to going too fast? What then?"

"Hmm..." the kid says, thinking. "I've got it! I'll give you this whistle, and, if I get to going too fast for you, you jjust blow on it, and I'll slow right back down."

"Okay!" George says happily.

So, George and the kid tie the bike to the Corvette, and they take off. They are tooling along nicely at about 30 MPH up the long hill.

About mid-way up the long hill, a road intersects with the main highway, and there is a stop light. The kid stops the Corvette there at the stop light and waits for the light to change.

Suddenly, a brand new Mustang pulls up next to the Corvette, the engine revving, inviting a race. The light turns green, and the race is on!

70, 80, 90 MPH, careening up the long, winding hill.

At the top of the hill, a traffic officer sits in his car, radaring traffic. The Mustang and Corvette whiz by, setting off the radar gun at 110 MPH. The cop quickly pulls out behind them and starts to give chase. He gets on his radio and says,

"Sarge, you ain't gonna believe this."


"I am in pursuit of a Mustang and Corvette racing, going in excess of 100 MPH!"

"So?" the Sarge barks back. "Go after 'em!"

"That ain't the part you're not going to believe," the cop answers. "There's a guy on a bicycle, blowing on a whistle, trying to go around 'em!"

02-23-2007, 04:30 PM
HAHA thats great. I always love a good cop joke

Stainless Steel
02-23-2007, 09:49 PM
Good one!