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08-22-2005, 12:05 AM
This was written up by thewretchedmass on CincyBengals...I felt it should be posted here, he requested and I delivered.


The only interesting stuff is at the bottom, it goes a little something like this:

-The Bengals are looking to trade Peter Warrick due to the fact he wont take a pay cut. Other than Carson Palmer, how many of the Bengals last 10 first round picks are still on that team?

-David Pollack of the Bengals just signed his rookie deal. I guess he wanted to avoid being a Bengal as long as possible.

So when you actually research this "Last 10 first round pick" stuff you'll find that:

95 - Carter
96 - Willie Anderson
97 - Wilson
98 - Takeo Spikes - Still in the NFL
99 - Akili Smith
00 - Warrick
01 - Smith
02 - Levi Jones
03 - Carson
04 - Perry
05 - Pollack

Someone please post this in SF...make their staff writers look like morons.

Also Interesting since this dude is trying to smack out of it.

The steelers have pretty much the same record.

95 - Mark Bruner
96 - Jamain Stephens
97 - Chad Scott
98 - Alan Faneca
99 - Troy Edwards
00 - Buress
01 - Casey Hampton
02 - Kendall Simmons
03 - Polamalu
04 - Roethlisberger
05 - Miller

Man...you can't talk smack when your draft history of the past 10 years matchs ours....actually we have one more pick still on our team. THE BENGALS WIN!

08-22-2005, 12:37 PM
If you choose to look at success by amout of 1st round draft picks on your roster since 1995,then yes you win that argument.

If you choose to look at success by win/loss records and playoff appearances in that same ammount of time,the Steelers obviously win.

Bengals: 57-103,0 playoff appearances

Steelers: 98-65-1,6 playoff appearances (4 AFCC Games,1 SB Appearance)

Ultimatly,we've got you beat where it really counts.

But hey,look on the bright side,at least we're not Browns fans.Then again,even they have a playoff appearance and they weren't even here for 3 of the years in the time period we've discussed!

08-22-2005, 01:09 PM
It was mainly talking about how our 1st round busts are brought up but yours weren't, Why would your writers talk about our but leave yours out when you have one more bust then us in that time period.....I personaly could care less what happened in the past the future is what matters to me and soon the only thing you guys and the other fans will have to ay is we sucked for 15 years in the past.

08-22-2005, 03:13 PM
95 - Carter Bust,out of NFL

96 - Willie Anderson Bust,out of NFL97 - Wilson

98 - Takeo Spikes - Still in the NFL

99 - Akili Smith Bust,out of NFL

00 - Warrick Still on team,hasn't done a lot due to injury,might get traded

01 - Smith Finally looked good,got benched,who knows if he can do it again,might be mehind Palmer for remainder of career

02 - Levi Jones Plays well I guess,but he's a lineman

03 - Carson Should be a beast,best pick of them all

04 - Perry Stuck behind Rudi...who knows his potential?

05 - Pollack To be determined

95 - Mark Bruner Don't think he's in the league

96 - Jamain Stephens Don't think he's in the league

97 - Chad Scott On the Patriots

98 - Alan Faneca Is a force to be reckoned with on the OL

99 - Troy Edwards Starts in Jax

00 - Buress Had some productivity...starts for Giants...isn't a true "bust"

01 - Casey Hampton Was a force his rookie season,injured last season,will be a force again this year

02 - Kendall Simmons Place very well

03 - Polamalu Don't go over the f'n middle,that's all I gotta say about him

04 - Roethlisberger ROY,damn near went to SB as a rookie,'nuff said

05 - Miller To be determined

Mean Machine
08-23-2005, 07:06 AM
Bottom line is the Bungles still blow and they haven't made the playoffs in years. At least Steelers know how to use their talent and work as a team.