View Full Version : How are the backup OL players doing? Who do we keep for depth?

08-23-2005, 01:29 PM
I live in the UK so don't get to see preseason games. All I get to go on in making judgements is the internet. The other positions seem to get more press coverage than the OL.

So I know the first choice line is pretty good (Starks has done OK hasn't he?). Also that Okobi is good and that Kemeatu has shown great flashes for the future (is he playing consistently enough to be a starter though if someone first choice is out for a while with injury?).

I know Barrett Brooks is a journeyman type, but is he better or worse than that tag?

I know Trai Essex was selected high but is he a Max Starks type Round 3 player or a Kris Farris???

What's Josh Burr like and Jim Jones? And the other guys like Verstraete and Freeman etc. Anyone quietly earning himself a roster spot? Claxton - is he good enough (he did well in NFL Europe didnt he?) and can he also play guard (to justify keeping him?)

Lots of questions - I'd be really interested in your answers.

PS - Any of the longer shot DL playing well enough to be kept instead of say Kirschke or as a 7th DL guy? what about Nua (heard nothing about his play or practice) and Eric Taylor?

08-23-2005, 07:21 PM
Our OL depth is alot better now than it looked in mini camp..

Starks has had a good preseason and good minicamp and is getting better and better..he'll be fine.

Essex is a workman type guy, he just goes in, does the job and goes off.. quietly going about his business and just doing what he needs to do. He'll fit in well if he continues to improves

Chris K is a beast, one of the meanest OL around. Exactly what you want. He's tough, strong as an bull, and definately willing to mix it up w/ anyone. Very impressive so far

Brooks is a journeyman and a capable backup, he's got NFL experience w/ is a plus

Burr and Jones are raw, but have potential.. working w/ Russ Grimm and watching the starters will be a great learning time for them. Burr is a monster at 6'9 320 lb.