02-28-2007, 09:08 PM
if any of u are hard core fans, then you can't miss steeler fantacy football camp.. it is great!!! this will be my 5th time and it is so much better than gong to a game. you go for 3 days and 2 nights, some of the older steelers and current steelers are training you just like training camp for the steelers. you stay at saint vincent where the steeler stay. it is in june. you get to have alot of personal time with the players. get to know them one on one. they really treat you like your just like them. it is such a good time and they have all the beer you can drink and have team meetings about offence and def. , plus this year special speaker is going to be tomlin. (new coach) and dawson going to be there woodruff and kirklend and so many more if you need more info just call john simpson and 412-697-7713 he a great guy, he works for the steelers so just tell him that shawn sent you..
don't miss out.. telling you , you will have fun, meet guys all over the us that are hard core fans just like you ..
SO CALL JOHN AT 412-697-7713

02-28-2007, 09:13 PM
its a bit pricey is it not?

02-28-2007, 09:33 PM
ya a little but, i telling you it is worth it.. well, that is how i know jeff reed ,, and we become friends, and like when he seem me during a game he thru me a game ball, sometimes he takes me with him to party after games with alot of the steelers, it is great . i have so much pr time with them. just like me and dywanye woodruff that is how me and him became real good friend, heck he got inducted in the ky hall of fame and i was his special guest. and he gave me ticket to a game last season. plus me and louis lipps we are good friends. i go with him to play and caddy for him in cel. golf tourn. me and him talk about once a week there is so much that i gain from going . well it is worth it.. but, not just getting to know they old players or current you really get to meet really some hard core fans all over the us. and not only that it is the closes your gonna get to feel like what the players go thru at there training camp.. it might look like i trying to sell you sometihing but, i don't really have anything to do with this , i just telling you and everybody else it is truly a great time for steeler fans. i like when they talk about the old times when they came to camp about all the story's about lambet , mean joe green, and all the great stars.. it is truly a fun time.. well, if u need info call. or email me. kysteelerman@windstream.net