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03-05-2007, 07:17 PM
Trade #15 Overall Pick to the Jets for the #25 and #59 overall picks

1.) (25) Anthony Spencer DE/OLB Purdue

After Combines, Pro Days, and Workouts, the Steelers decide that Anthony Spencer is their #1 OLB prospect

2.) (46) Manuel Ramirez OG Texas Tech

The Steelers need to shore up the O-line, with the losses of Hartings, and potentially Faneca and Simmons. Ramirez is a perfect fit for the Steelers, being a guard fit for a run-first offense and a monster with a max bench of 550 pounds

2.) (59) Craig Davis WR LSU

Big Ben really wants a tall go-to receiver, and Davis would attempt to fill this hole. He has all the things a WR needs, and his downfall was playing behind Dwayne Bowe. If one of the top receivers, such as Rice or Meachem falls, plug them into the first spot and move Ramirez down to our 2nd 2nd rounder. I just didn?t want to make this draft unbelievable.

3.) H.B. Blades ILB Pittsburgh

With James Farrior not getting any younger, and little depth behind him, we take H.B. Blades out of Pitt, whose size makes him fall to the third, but his bloodlines make him a great value pick.

4.) Deshawn Wynn RB Florida

Everyone wants the Powerback that was missing in the season without the Bus, and this pick will attempt to silence those cries. He ran a 4.48 40 at the combine while weighing in at 232, so he isn?t limited to running just between the tackles either.

5.) David Patterson DT Ohio State

More likely a DE in a 3-4, this pick could shore up depth if we lose Hoke to free agency, and also perhaps take the spot of one of our aging veteren DE?s (Bailey and Kirschke).

6.) Daniel Sepulveda P Baylor

The top Punting prospect in this years draft comes to the Steelers to compete with Barr for the starting spot. Also a weapon on ST as he started his career as a walk-on linebacker.

7.) Dan Mozes C West Virginia
With the loss of Hartings, a roster spot is open for a back-up O-lineman. Also, with the Center being the keystone of the O-line, you can never have enough, even if they?re on the PS.

Opinions, questions, comments are all welcome :)

03-05-2007, 10:21 PM
We've spent alot of picks of offense. Assuming Ben comes around and our turnovers are minimized, Defense is our big need. Maybe Offensive line but probably day two. I would say DE, LB, CB first.

03-05-2007, 11:35 PM
Totally agree. It's a good mock with good players on it but I just don't see how we can not draft some secondary help like a Ross, Mccauley, Revis etc.

03-12-2007, 12:54 AM
i like Craig Davis, and i'm amazed that Moses falls all the way to the 7th round would be nice to see him in B and G. Wynn would be interesting but since they resigned Davenport i don't see them picking a RB that high but could still be possible if he falls to later round. Another reciever i would absolutly love to see us draft but it won't happen because i don't see him making it out of the first round would be Meachem. Hines won't be around forever so draft him or perhaps in a later round, Jacoby Jones the steelers have penchant for small school players. But i'm not quite sure how much input Tomlin and Arians will have on this draft so it will be a bit of wait and see. I think Kevin Colbert will have a lot more input in this draft than in recent years.