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Livinginthe past
03-20-2007, 07:26 AM
There is a guy (ADAMJT13) who has been 'on the money' last couple of years in predicting the value of comp picks - he posts over at kffl.com.

Here are his predictions for this years.

Looks like Indy and SD are the big winners - replaced some big names and came off not too badly - Indy especially done very well.

Pittsburgh appear to be in line for an extra 4 and 5.

Explanation on the calculation process can be found here (its a long, complicated explanation).


San Diego (Drew Brees, $10.0 million, 16 Games Played/16 Games Started, Pro Bowl)
San Francisco (Julian Peterson , $7.714 million, 16/16, Pro Bowl)
Indianapolis (Edgerrin James, $7.5 million, 16/16)

Oakland (Charles Woodson, $5.576 million, 16/16)
Pittsburgh (Chris Hope, $5.098 million, 16/16)
Atlanta (Kevin Shaffer, $5.143 million, 16/16)
Baltimore (Anthony Weaver, $5.3 million, 15/15)

Indianapolis (David Thornton, $4.45 million, 16/13)
Baltimore (Ma'ake Kemoeatu, $4.6 million, 16/14)
Pittsburgh (Antwaan Randle El, $4.464 million, 16/16)
New England (David Givens, $4.8 million, 5/5, placed on IR)

Indianapolis (Larry Tripplett, $3.607 million, 16/16)
Baltimore (Chester Taylor, $3.5 million, 15/15)
Cincinnati (Jon Kitna, $2.875 million, 16/16)
Baltimore (Will Demps, $2.28 million, 16/16)
New England (Tom Ashworth, $2.6 million, 16/6)
Seattle (Marquand Manuel, $2.0 million, 16/16)
New England (Adam Vinatieri, $2.4 million, 13 GP)

Tampa Bay (Dexter Jackson, $1.85 million, 12/11)
San Diego (Justin Peelle, $1.5 million, 15/10)
Green Bay (Craig Nall, $1.423 million, 0/0)
Atlanta (Barry Stokes, $1.092 million, 11/11)
St. Louis (Rex Tucker, $1.217 million, 6/5, placed on IR)
San Diego (Reche Caldwell, $1.006 million, 16/14)
Tampa Bay (Jameel Cook, $1.020 million, 12/6)
Kansas City (Tony Richardson, $1.078 million, 9/7)
New England (Tim Dwight, $1.063 million, 9/2, placed on IR)
San Francisco (Anthony Clement, $750,000, 16/16)
St. Louis (Jamie Martin, $1.005 million, 16/0)
Jacksonville (Kenny Wright, $750,000, 16/9)
Minnesota (Raonall Smith, $755,000, 16/0)
Atlanta (Kevin McCadam, $765,000, 16/0)

03-20-2007, 06:17 PM
I dont really get it can you sort of explain to me compensatory draft mean:dang: :dang:

Livinginthe past
03-20-2007, 06:33 PM
I dont really get it can you sort of explain to me compensatory draft mean:dang: :dang:

No problem Verks.

Basically the NFL looks at the players you have lost to Free agency and the players you have gained from Free Agency in a single year.

If you have lost more good players than you have added then you are line for a compensatory draft pick - basically its a reward for drafting well.

The way they work out how much each player is worth is based upon the contract they sign with their new team and how many games they play for that new team.

Take Edgerrin James for example - he played and started 16 games for the Cardinals last year and he signed a big contract for them - thats why he is worth a 3rd rounder.

Unfortunately, actual performance (how well that player does) isn't taken into account.

So a player like Reche Caldwell, who started 14 games last year and caught 61 passes, is still only worth a 7th round pick to San Diego because he signed such a cheap contract with the Patriots.

I hope that makes things clearer for you - feel free to ask any more questions.