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04-16-2007, 09:26 AM
Up until the draft we will here alot about potential draft picks and their abilities....just wanted to give some definitions of "draft-speak" so that SF fans remain the most informed fans in the world:

Acceleration-ability to increase velocity
Anchor-OL's ability to hold ground vs a defensive player
Base-an OL's ability to distribute his weight properly over his feet
Body Lean-tilting the upper body slightly over the thighs to increase momentum
Bull Rush-Defensive Linemans ability to power over the top of a blocker
Burst-acceleration in a short area
Catch-up speed- defensive ability to catch player that has slipped by
Drive Block-OL's ability to muscle a DL off the line a create a running lane
Engulf- OL's ability to completely erase a defender from a play
Fill-Defenders ability to step into gaps and shut off run lanes
First step quickness- DL who can beat blockers and penetrate the backfield
Initial Punch-OL's ability to get hands under the Defenders pads to create leverage
Knee Bender-Player that plays with natural leverage
Leverage-ability to get underneath the opponants pads..utilizing a proper base to wind line battles
Mauler-Player with the size and strength to win most battles in the short area.
Mirror & Slide-OL's technique for moving laterally and staying with a defensive player in pass protection
Moving Target-Player who must be blocked or tackled in space
One Gap DT-a defensive tackle who penetrates into the backfield with initial burst and speed.
Overextended-to lunge on a block, ending up out of position.
Phone Booth- Short area or confined space close to the line of scrimmage.
Playing to High-When a lineman performs without kneebend..leads to being knocked back due to lack of leverage.
Pocket Presence- QB's ability to read the pass rush and slide laterally to avoid defenders
Point of Attack-Where the ball is being run to and the play will converge.
Quickness- change of direction or start/stop speed
Quick-twitch athlete-Player with elite burst and ability to react immediately.
Scraping-When a LB slides along the line using a Lineman as a shield.
Second Level- area beyond the defensive linemen..where the LB's inhabit
Shaded Nose-When a NT is not head up on the center
Shed-ability to disengage from blockers.
Space- Open field..."plays well in space" describes an OL who plays best on the move, Rbs who are elusive...or or defenders who wrap up effectively.
Stack- To fill holes and take on blockers
Stalk Blocker- Perimeter player who blocks long enough for a play to develop but without dominating
Straight line speed-Pure speed measure by 40 yard dash
Two Gap DT-Tackle who can take on two blockers so that LB's can make plays in pursuit
Waist Bender- OL who bends at waist instead of knees..and loses leverage and lateral movement
Wave Player- Backup player who can perform well over short periods while starter rests

04-16-2007, 09:45 AM
That's odd.. I thought "Playing too High" was why Chris Henry got suspended....

04-24-2007, 03:43 PM
That's odd.. I thought "Playing too High" was why Chris Henry got suspended....

haha thats really funny. thats a good list i knew all of that stuff but i never knew what their were called