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04-23-2007, 07:48 AM
When you play fantasy football when u draft do u have a steelers bias or do u just go with the best player in your opinion without caring whether they are on the bungles rat birds or are beloved steel men?

--------For me i really dont care about drafting someone from a team that is in the AFC north other than the steelers. But when it comes to drafting a steeler i sometimes go out of my way just to draft them or i think they are slightly more vaulable than they really are because they are on the steelers. I think this is one of my major weakness in fantasy sports.

04-23-2007, 09:46 AM
To be honest, I won the championship in '06 with FIVE bungles on my roster. The team defense, Tory James, Housh, Rudi Johnson, and Odell Thurman...

I didn't really root for them come Sunday, but I made a killing considering they were all cheap in the draft (The Bengals weren't expected to really do much that year).

This year the only Steeler I had was Hines, who gave me a few headaches.

He and Willie are the only two worth taking fantasy wise... at this point...

04-23-2007, 11:10 AM
i uselly try saying away from anyone else from the AFC North becuase i cant cheer for anyone else in that division. when it comes to between a steeler and an other player depends on the position. like between a steeler running back or another RB id chose the Steeler. between a steeler WR and an other WR id prob go with the other steeler. so i guess im really not that bias

04-26-2007, 07:41 AM
I play in over 20 different FF leagues every season and am out to win, so I take the best players available whether they are Steelers or not. If I can't get FWP or Hines, I "shop" elsewhere! :thumbsup: