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04-24-2007, 02:56 PM
This article was in todays issue of the Helena Independent Record. Thought you Montana people might enjoy it. I would much rather see him support the Griz, but I still think it is very cool :smile:

Sidelines: Former Steeler to speak at MSU benefit

By Tom Stuber, IR Sports Writer 04/24/07
Montana State University will be wrapping up its spring football drills this weekend in Great Falls.

The Bobcats have made an annual event of the spring scrimmage in the Electric City and the folks up there have made it a good deal both ways.

Over 5,000 fans are expected at the Saturday scrimmage and a benefit dinner on Friday is all but sold out. Former Pittsburgh Steeler and Notre Dame great Rocky Bleier will be the guest speaker at the banquet on Friday night.

After his rookie season with the Steelers, Bleier was drafted into the Vietnam War. In August of 1969, he was shot in the left leg and as he was down a grenade went off and sent several pieces of shrapnel into his right leg. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal.

His injuries left him with serious pain in his leg and he lost a considerable amount of weight. He was cut by the Steelers two straight years, but after an extensive rehabilitation period he made the team. Bleier went on to rush for over a 1,000 yards one season and also caught a touchdown pass to give Pittsburgh a 21-14 lead over the Dallas Cowboys with just 26 seconds to go in the first half of Super Bowl XIII.

Former Helena Senators star Steve Bennett is in his third year as an assistant coach for his alma mater, Gonzaga University in Spokane. Bennett, who pitched for four years in the New York Mets? minor league organization, now coaches outfielders.

According to the Detroit Lions Web site, former Carroll College star Casey FitzSimmons almost sat out his senior year of high school football after missing his junior season due to an injury.

Prior to his junior year in high school, he was injured in a motorbike accident and missed the season. He was close to not playing his senior year, but was talked into it by some friends.

Here?s one for the ?it?s a small world? section.

Former Helena High football coach and longtime Montana High School Association executive Bill Sprinkle recently attended a University of Washington football reunion with players from all different eras in attendance. He met former Husky star Lawyer Milloy, who?s entering his 11th season with the Atlanta Falcons.

Milloy asked Sprinkle where he was from, and when Sprinkle said Montana, Milloy said, ?Oh, I married a gal from Missoula.? His wife is Claudine Robinson, the daughter of former Glasgow High and University of Montana track and football great Roy Robinson.

Sprinkle then told him, ?Next time you see your father-in-law, tell him you met a guy who used to beat him in the 220-yard dash all the time.?

He then asked Milloy if he had met his new Atlanta coach Bobby Petrino yet. He said hadn?t formally met the coach yet as they?ve only been in a few meetings so far.

Milloy said, ?You don?t know Bobby Petrino, too, do you?? and Sprinkle answered, ?Well, yes, he?s from Helena, Montana, where I live and work.?