View Full Version : I NEED A BLANK STEELERS JERSEY! large

04-24-2007, 04:30 PM
either a replica or real. i'll take either. i bought one on ebay but it's kinda crappy. and there is another guy on ebay who has a few but he wants $50 + $10 shipping for replicas!

i need a large. i have a merril hoge jersey that doesn't fit anymore, i got it in 10th grade, it has sewn on #'s but no name. so i took the #'s off and i need a jersey that fits me to sew them onto it. i also bought the 60th year patch that they wore in 1992 on the jerseys. i'm gonna sew that on as well. and then see if i can get the name screen printed or stitched somewhere.

i also have a nice blank home jersey that's a medium (40) made by russell. it won't fit me now otherwise i'd use it. if someone wants it i'll trade it or sell it to you. i will post a photo soon.