View Full Version : Deion Sanders interviews top prospects

tony hipchest
04-28-2007, 01:25 AM
Deion to jamarcus russell-

"slurp slurp", *bob bob bob* "yum" *wipes chin and gives the potential #1 pick a pound and a hug*

Deion to brady quinn-

"so h0nkey, what the f--- do you think you can bring to the nfl?"

i would rather see michael irvin with a "z" or rush limbaugh hopped up on the "hillbilly heroin" conduct interviews with prospects, than this moron.

having watched irvin much more, i will go out on a limb for him and say he is 100X more deserving of a tv job than this moron. nfl network needs to get on the ball, and realize he is the suckiest talking head ever. its like getting r-kelly to teach jr. high sex ed courses. it just dont work.