View Full Version : colbert on dealing with drew rosenhaus

tony hipchest
05-02-2007, 11:18 AM
we finally get to haggle with drew on a 1st round pick. theres really nothing to be scared of, and i would anticipate him getting to camp fairly quick on that 6 year max deal.


Mike, a few Florida newspapers reported during his pro day that he was pretty out of shape and that his agent apologized to you, saying he'd be in better shape at mini camp. Did it bother you at all, if true?

Coach Tomlin: That did not happen.

Have you dealt with [agent] Drew Rosenhaus on a first-round pick before?

Kevin Colbert: I like Drew. Honestly, I've know Drew for I don't know how many [years] – since 1990. Drew has always been very up front. If we've had to do a deal with him, we've been able to do deals with the guy. I'm sure there are different opinions, but we've always had a great relationship. Negotiations are always going to be tough. He's going to do his job for his client, We're going to do our job for the team. But we'll come to an agreement.

Who are some of those other guys that you've dealt with Rosenhaus?

Kevin Colbert: This goes all the way back. This is back to 1990 when he represented Jeff Cross, who was a defensive lineman from Missouri. There's so many [players]. We don't anticipate that problem. We never let the agent affect whether we're going to take a player anyway.

anyone wanna guess his contract? holmes got 5 years at $8 mil as #25. im gonna have to look at who was #15 last year but right now i'll say in the neighborhood of 6yrs/ $14 mil with $4 mil up front.