View Full Version : kentucky derby betting

tony hipchest
05-05-2007, 03:16 PM
im not big into the horseraces but always like to send a few bucks with a friend up to the local track for some simulcast action.

my method is simple: horses with cool names, post position, past records, and always hedging a longshot or 2 with a safe bet or 2. i didnt bother looking up past records this year but heres my top 5:

1. (14) scat daddy- coolest name. not a favorite but definitely not a longshot
2. (18) any given saturday- cool name. midrange odds
3. (5) imawildandcrazyguy- cool name and a longshot
4. (4) storm in may- always bet the 4 horse with the black and yellow cloth
5. (9) liquidity- could have a very fluid day as a longshot.

after seeing the records, i gotta bump liquidity out and put in (8) hardspun.

tony hipchest
05-05-2007, 05:18 PM
street sense was the favorite and had a rocket up his ass down the stretch. very cool name too. good late minute call by me on hardspun. he about dominated the whole race.