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06-09-2007, 03:23 PM
So how do you think the Big Ten will go down this season?

Here's my prediction:

1.Michigan - 11-1 - loss to Wisconsin - I know they lost a lot of there D but they have a lot of talent starting for that defense

2.Wisconsin 11-1 - loss to OSU - Wisky returns a lot and should reload with there QB. They do have to go to PSU and OSU.

3.Penn State - 10-2- losses to Michigan and Wisconsin - PSU returns a good amount of players and has a favorable schedule to boot. Problem is I can only think of 2 players as being leaders on this team, King and Williams.

4.Ohio State - 10-2 - losses to Penn State and Michigan - OSU loses key players from last year and it might be difficult to adjust to that. Fortuantly for OSU they have a favorable schedule with there first 8 games as probably wins.

5. Iowa - 8-4 - losses to ISU, Wisky, PSU and Purdue - I still feel Iowa will underachieve next year. They lost a good QB in Tate.

6. MSU - 7-5

7. Indiana - 6-6

8. Purdue - 6-6

9. Illinois - 5-7

10. Northwestern - 4-8

11. Minnesota - 4-8

I know not everyone is a fan of a Big Ten team, but there are some on here. Other conference team fans, chime in as well.

06-09-2007, 03:46 PM
1. Penn State 12-0-This year they break the curse on Michigan. Morelli is in his last year and is going to want to take this team to a National Championship or some high ranking bowl so he can prove that he is that quarterback we saw recruited.

2. Michigan 11-1-Despite getting edged by Penn State, I think they STILL will compete for the title, but because of circumstances, they'll come up short. I think a BCS Bid is in the mix with Henne and Hart trying end their carriers on top.

3. Iowa 10-2-Ferentz will have Iowa living their glory days again for at least 1 year. Despite a couple close losses, this team will do VERY well

4. Wisconsin 9-3-They might do pretty well with a new QB, but the 2 big games(PSU and Michigan) I think will be a pain in the behind

5. Michigan State 8-4- The Spartans are going to give their new coach a warm welcome with a pretty strong year. Even though Stanton is gone, a fast start early before the typical end of year crash will be big for them

6. Purdue 7-5

7. Indiana 7-5-(lose to Purdue if they play) Indiana is making a lot of improvements by leaps and bounds. I think they're getting ready to go bowling

8. Ohio State 6-6-The Buckeyes have lost ALL of their offense with Smith, Ginn, Gonzalez, and I believe Pittman to. It will be a rebuilding year, however, if a bowl spot opens, I think 6 wins can get them in.

9. Illinois 5-7

10. Northwestern 4-8

11. Minnesota 3-9

07-05-2007, 07:26 PM
Im gonna say Buckeyes for the two simple facts that the have one of the best runners in the nation in Chris Wells and a beasty defense with loads of expirience.

07-05-2007, 07:41 PM
Im gonna say Buckeyes for the two simple facts that the have one of the best runners in the nation in Chris Wells and a beasty defense with loads of expirience.

Smith, Gonzalez, Pittman, and Ginn. That was there entire offense. Ohio State goes no better then where I have them picked.

07-05-2007, 09:03 PM
Smith, Gonzalez, Pittman, and Ginn. That was there entire offense. Ohio State goes no better then where I have them picked.

I seeeee.... Ohio State at 6-6?


Ohio State will not only be better than 6-6. They will place finish higher than Penn State in the Big Ten.

In fact, I am willing to make a wager which would be donated to the forum on this, if you wanted and If that is permitted... of course...

07-05-2007, 10:25 PM
you mean there are other teams besides Michigan in the Big Ten???? lol

GO BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-06-2007, 01:52 PM
Sorry guys, I'm an Ohio State fan and I've got to defend my team some.

Chris Wells will be a better RB than Michael Pittman. In fact, Pittman did OSU a favor by leaving a year early because Tressel would have given the Sr. Pittman 70% of the carries this year. Wells will be a Heisman candidate this year. The major question on offense won't be at WR. OSU has been reloading at that position for years, and the receivers only seem to get better year after year. Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline have plenty of experience at WR, and Ray Small is Ted Ginn all over again (He was the #7th ranked WR out of HS). 6'0 175 speedster from the same HS as Ginn and Smith, Glennville's coach said he was a more talented WR than Ginn. Offensively, QB is the major question, but they Bucks defense will keep them dominant enough for the new starter to get enough experience under his belt that by time the Big Ten schedule hits, that offense will be ready to do some damage.

Defensively, it's tough to bet against the Buckeyes just reloading again this year. Last year defense was supposed to be the weakness and the defense was arguable even better then the year before. I'd be careful betting against the Bucks after the way they were embarrassed in the NC game. That team will have a chip on it's shoulder, especially in the big games against Wisconsin and PSU and Michigan.

07-06-2007, 02:38 PM
1. Michigan 11-1-Michigan WILL lose to Penn State but run the table the rest of the way to win the Big 10

2. Penn State 10-2- As much as it pains me to say this Penn State will drop a heart breaker to Illinois in a let down game after the big Michigan win. Then drop the season finale to Michigan State in what would have given them the Big 10 title

3. Iowa 9-3 -Ferentz is a good coach will have his Hawkeyes playing tough for a New Years day Bowl

4. Wisconsin 9-3

5 Ohio State 8-4-After loosng all that talent from last year the Buckeyes start off rockey but finish tough with a nail bighter to Michigan

6. Michigan State 7-5

7 Illinois 7-5- Juice Williams will have this team on the rise

8 Indiana 6-6

9. Purdue

10. Northwestern 4-8

11. Minnesota 3-9

**As much as it pains me to say I see Penn State running the table or I see them dropping a game or 2 they shouldnt, a la Minnesota in '99. That loss will haunt them right down to the end. **

07-06-2007, 07:15 PM
I don't see a hangover after Michigan. I just don't. Michigan State I think will be a big win for us.