View Full Version : Gary Sheffield loses his roster spot to a wheelchair-bound Latino

06-21-2007, 03:18 PM
Just as he expected would happen, Gary Sheffield lost his roster spot today to a Latin player, as the Detroit Tigers cut him in favor of Manny Velasquez ? a Dominican-born man confined to a wheelchair.
?Gary is a solid player and he has helped us on the field, but Manny is just more ? what?s the word I?m searching for ? controllable,? said Tigers manager Jim Leyland. ?His Latin-ness means he?ll do almost anything I say and, even if he refuses, his wheelchair allows me to push him wherever I want him to go, even against his will. Call me a racist if you want to, but you don?t get that kind of control with an able-bodied black player.?
While Velasquez may appear black, Sheffield says it doesn?t really count because he doesn?t speak English.
?There ain?t no English coming out of his mouth,? said Sheffield. ?Although there ain?t really no Spanish, neither, ?cause he?s got one of those mechanized robot voice things that like one famous wheelchair scientist guy. So when you think about it, black people are now seen as lesser than Latin players and robots. It?s total crap.?