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01-19-2005, 11:46 PM
I am going into Pittsburgh this weekend, I dont have a ticket, so Im going to tailgate and hang out, does anyone know of a good place to catch the game close to the stadium? Or am I better off just haning in the parking lot watching it on a t.v?? any info will help thanks and.....

01-20-2005, 10:45 AM
High Tops is a pretty nice place. It is right beside PNC Park. You can always go to Sports Rock... but that is all the way down in the Strip Distrct. High Tops is your best bet!

01-20-2005, 06:18 PM
Yeah high tops is where everybody goes after the game too..but if you can stand the cold..there's no better place to be than tailgating in the parking lot !!

02-19-2005, 02:46 PM
For the future, where is high tops??