View Full Version : 12 TEAM YAHOO KEEPER LEAGUE!!

06-30-2007, 10:28 AM
1st Year of MANY years KEEPER LEAGUE... Below are the rules... Draft will be held offline at a date to be convenient for everyone! Draft will be held on a yahoo Sports group and that will be our homepage to talk about the league. You will have 12 hours per pick for the draft. PLEASE raed the KEEPER rules at the bottom and also if you join the league please go to http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ChampionFootball/ and join the group as soon as you join the yahoo league! The league settings and Keeper rules are already in a file in the group...Please, only serious players!!

League ID#: 125062
League Name: ChampionFootball
Password: nfl
Custom League URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com ... onfootball
Draft Type: Offline Draft
Max Teams: 12
Scoring Type: Head-to-Head
Start Scoring on: Week 1
Can't Cut List Provider: Yahoo! Sports
Max Moves: No maximum
Max Trades: No maximum
Trade Reject Time: 2
Trade End Date: November 23, 2007
Trade Review: League Votes
Waiver Time: 2 days
Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
Playoffs: Week 14, 15 and 16 (6 teams)
Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/T, W/R, K, DEF, D, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
Stat Categories: Completions (.5)
Passing Yards (25 yards per point)
Passing Touchdowns (4)
Interceptions (-1)
Rushing Yards (10 yards per point)
Rushing Touchdowns (6)
Reception Yards (10 yards per point)
Reception Touchdowns (6)
Return Yards (15 yards per point)
Return Touchdowns (6)
2-Point Conversions (2)
Fumbles (-1)
Fumbles Lost (-2)
Offensive Fumble Return TD (6)
Field Goals 0-19 Yards (3)
Field Goals 20-29 Yards (3)
Field Goals 30-39 Yards (3)
Field Goals 40-49 Yards (4)
Field Goals 50+ Yards (5)
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards (-4)
Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards (-2)
Point After Attempt Made (1)
Point After Attempt Missed (-2)
Sack (1)
Interception (2)
Fumble Recovery (1)
Touchdown (6)
Safety (4)
Block Kick (3)
Points Allowed 0 points (12)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (Cool
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-3)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-6)
Tackle Solo (3)
Tackle Assist (1)
Sack (4)
Interception (5)
Fumble Force (1)
Fumble Recovery (2)
Touchdown (6)
Safety (3)
Fractional Points: Yes
Negative Points: Yes

Champion Football League Rules are :

* Roster size : 21 players.

* Each team MUST keep 4 players and only 4 players

* Players drafted in round 1 and 2 cannot be keepers, they will be placed into the following years draft.

* Draft position is based on the order in which you finish. Note: The better your team does during the consolation bracket, the better your draft pick. Consolation bracket winner gets 1st pick next year. This rule encourages teams to try to keep winning. I don't like leagues where teams try to lose the last few weeks.