View Full Version : Diary of a Rookie in the SFFFL - Week1, Recap

09-13-2005, 06:12 PM
Well, that was a lucky win for me in the first week and so much to learn from it too. I really made some poor decisions.

The most important point is to check the game matchups as late as possible before finally picking my team. Second, ignore comments from others, how i could possibly leave McCallister on the bench and play a rookie in his place.

Well I have done something about that by getting rid of the temptation of playing Arrington by dropping him and selecting WR Brandon Lloyd SF as a replacement, it was tempting to pick an extra backup K but i resisted that option.

Knowing how bad Boller is I really should have stuck by the Indy defence even though Chicago were ok as the Redskins seem to avoid the redzone as much as possible. I had Cooley as TE and though he got the ball in the endzone they went back for a penalty.........typical. :rolleyes:

Burleson and Lelie were big disappointments at WR while Fitzgerald from Arizona had a really good day with 155yds and a TD. Nugent was disappointing missing a chance on his debut, but I'm convinced that as the Jets struggle to score touchdowns then he will still have a good year.

At QB I at least got it right by selecting Harrington over Brooks as he had a great day, so long as he does not feel pressured by having Garcia returning in a few weeks he could have an unbelievable year, he certainly has the offensive players to support him. Mind you, if he fails this year then I think he may have had his chance.

Overall though, I have to be relatively happy, I have my first win under my belt :bouncy:

Well done to the other teams that won this week and to the others just remember there is always next week.

Comments welcome. I intend to post twice a week over the fantasy season, giving my thought, trying to be objective, doing a recap after each game and giving my reasons for my selections each upcoming game.

09-13-2005, 06:41 PM
Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of fantasy...dude, it's as much luck as anything. Later in the season match-ups become more important, but in the first few weeks, everyone runs off the previous year, and there's no way to predict what crazy things that will happen.

Marty Booker?
Willie Parker?
Drew Bledsoe?
Gus Frerotte?

Who had these guys in their lineup? Odds are, the first week winners who scored a ton of points will struggle later. Worse thing you can do is run out and jump on a bunch of one hit wonders...stick with the solid players, but pay close attention to possible breakout players...