View Full Version : Dungy Coaching Tree Roundtable

tony hipchest
07-02-2007, 06:57 PM
dungy, marinelli, lovie, herm, and tomlin sit around and discuss being a part of the "dungy tree" in a 5 part series nfl network is segmenting on "total access".

some good stuff from todays 1st segment. upon getting hired for the tampa bay job, dungy 1st emphasized how he wanted to win like the steelers that he was a part of. good insight on how similar their demeanor and coaching style is. dare i say... very nollesque.

its interresting to look at the huge stamps chuck noll and bill walsh (offense vs. defense) have left upon the nfl, even to this day. if you cant catch it on tv, check the nfl.com video feeds tomorrow. definitely worth the watch.