View Full Version : Greensburg Teen Saves Man From Railroad Tracks

07-03-2007, 11:57 PM

Greensburg Teen Saves Man From Railroad Tracks

(KDKA) GREENSBURG A 15-year-old boy from Greensburg is being called a hero for saving a man who he saw lying on some railroad tracks.

Bryce Morris spotted the man while he was walking home. He ran home to get help, but as he and his mother ran back, they heard a train coming.

Without hesitating, the boy grabbed the man and threw him off the tracks, without a second to spare.

The man survived. Police say he was upset over the recent death of his girlfriend and was trying to commit suicide.

He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

07-04-2007, 01:17 AM
That's how we roll here in Greensburg. Always pullin' people off tracks.

Kudos to the young man for trying to do the right thing. He got an adult first, but was quick enough to take matters into his own hands anyway. It seems the only way to keep the guy off the tracks was to foil his plan at the last second, seeing how he probably would have gone right back had he tried earlier.

tony hipchest
07-04-2007, 01:27 AM
any truth to the rumour that this man saved was [insert any bungle player not named carson palmer here]?

07-04-2007, 01:57 AM
It sure is nice to see an article about a teen... and have it be a good article!

Black@Gold Forever32
07-04-2007, 12:32 PM
Wow thats cool........Props to that young man......

07-04-2007, 07:29 PM
Yeah I have to give credit to the kid. He had to have a lot nerve to do that.