View Full Version : Potentially Dangerous Situation is Averted in Colorado

07-10-2007, 11:24 PM
This was all over the Sport shows a few days ago.

I figure everyone saw it, but maybe for some of our non-USA members they would like to see it.

There is some chivalry left in baseball as displayed by the Phillies the other night in Colorado. After an intense storm kicked up the grounds crew tried desperately to cover the field with the heavy tarp used to keep the infield dry.

The wind, though, made things very difficult and blew the extremely heavy canvas about wildly trapping members of the crew underneath.

The Phillies dugout, who were milling around after the delay saw the situation and rushed to the ground crews aide.

The video is pretty exciting, but there were other clips that weren't caught in this, the actual game footage, that were shown later. One that stands out was a Phillie player being drug by the tarp and his teammates grabbing onto the tarp around him to keep him safe.

This could have been a VERY dangerous situation, but luckily enough hands became available after the visiting team did the right thing and helped out the helpless crew, who seemed to be understaffed.


No one was injured, thankfully, and baseball fans have to at least smile at the efforts of these major leaguers. Watching them carry the sandbags and laying in the grass holding onto the tarp for dear life really is a great image.

On some of the shows the next day some of the "experts" had the gull to say this was a bad idea for the Phillies to do because one of their superstars could have been hurt in this wild display.

I guess the Phillies should have been considering that as they watched helpless human beings being trapped under a tarp that could have very realistically suffocated them.

I was furious.

Props to the Phillies (even if they are from Philly).

EDIT: This is the video from Sportscenter of some of the more serious not seen moments JMx3WUCNrjI Please note the far shot with the arrow pointing to the one Phillie near second base. OUCH!