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09-18-2005, 07:06 AM

Well Week 2 is upon me and I have a lot of doubts still as to who to play. As I have the Chicago defence and Detroit QB will Harrington have another great week, I'm not so sure, therefore, I have decided to drop them both, replacing with Indy DEF and Brooks for NO.

One thing I am discovering is that whilst it is nice to have good depth, it just makes decisions harder............lol Hindsight is a wonderful thing, Chicago held Washington to 3 field goals much as I thought before the game that these two teams would produce a low scoring game again, but, just how good is the Bears defence? Indy meanwhile played a supposedly good team in the Ratbirds, but I totally forgot that they were starting an inept qb in Boller - just hope its Boller when they play the Steelers!

Back to my fantasy team, will Lelie who had 14 passes thrown to him last week redeem himself or should I play Wayne who I'm sure will have a good year, perhaps i should bench Burleson but his matchup this week suggests he will have a good game. Lloyd is not 100% so leaving him out seems easy at the moment.

That leaves RB, in spite of dropping Arrington, I still have 3 superb backs in Westbrook, McCallister and Barber. Westbrook against the 49's seems sure to go well which makes it a tossup for the other place, Barber plays NO, notoriously poor against the run, but will he miss out to Jacobs for TD's. McCallister meanwhile is against the Giants who put up a good performance last week albeit against the Cards. Still McCallister was my 1st round pick, its about time I guess to go with him. I'm sure this is the pick that may come back on me...........c'est la vie.............

Here's hoping :bouncy:

09-18-2005, 09:33 AM
Lelie is such a pain in the ass on fantasy teams, I ended up w/ him on 2 of the 4 teams I have...he's such a sporatic player..one week he's getting you 15 points, and the next he's getting 2 !!!