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07-26-2007, 11:36 PM
A little kid is asking from his dad,
-Dad, why there is a guard standing by the government building?
-They don?t want any thieves, robbers, or any swindlers and cheaters to pass through the gate.
-From the inside or from the outside?

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Soviet leader Stalin?s phone rang,
-Comrade Stalin, we?ve arrested a man who looks like you because of his mustache and all.
-Where did you find him?
-From the streets. He was just walking in the street to his work.
-Shoot him.
-But Comrade Stalin, if we just shave his mustache he would look different.
-Brilliant idea. Shave his mustache and then shoot him.

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Woman came back from a trip. Her duaghter came up to her and said,
-Mom, Dad came home yesterday with this woman and ?
-Hush. Tell me about it at the dinner tonight.
The evening came, the whole family sat around the table and started dinner. Mom said,
-Sweetie, what is it that you tried to tell me earlier?
-Dad cam home yesterday and started doing same thing that you do with that guy from your work.

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-How much is the ticket for this movie?
-But I have just $1, could you let me in, please.
-Sorry, no can do.
-Then I?ll watch it with one eye closed, please.

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-Teacher, I can?t believe the earth moves every second of a day. But my dad said he feels it sometimes.
-Really? So when does he feel it?
-When he?s drunk.

(translated it myself. i hope it's understandable and make sense. enjoy) :smile:

07-29-2007, 10:34 AM
Daaamn. Wow, I guess WE REALLY DO HAVE DIFFERENT SENSE OF HUMOR. :smile: Ha ha ha. Oh, well. Some of the jokes that I heard back in the states don't work here sometimes neither. :smile:

Or it's either the translation was so bad that it got lost in transition and don't make sense no more. :toofunny: