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Randle El II?
Steelers eyeing QB turned WR

LATROBE, Pa. - Rasheed Marshall has been in the Pittsburgh Steelers' training camp only a week, yet he has heard the name Antwaan Randle El about, oh, a thousand times.

Randle El was the former Indiana quarterback who successfully shifted to wide receiver with the Steelers, playing four seasons with them before signing a big-money contract with Washington last year.

Versatility was arguably Randle El's biggest asset.

Marshall, a product of Pittsburgh's Hill District, watched that game following his first and only NFL season with San Francisco and couldn't help but wonder if he might make a play like that one day.

"If that's what the assignment may be, I definitely have a background in doing it," said Marshall, a three-year QB starter in high school and at West Virginia. "Running with the football in the open field, reverses, things like that. I'm sure when those things start up and I'm the guy called upon to do it, I'm going to step up and do it."

Marshall's size - the Steelers list him at 6 feet 1, but he was a quarter-inch short of 6 feet coming out of college - dictated the switch from career-long QB to wide receiver. The 49ers made him a fifth-round draft pick in 2005, but he caught only one pass that season. He was released at the end of training camp last year.

Marshall had trouble holding onto the ball while with San Francisco, even during practice, and he sat out the 2006 season before joining the Steelers in January.

While his one season in San Francisco didn't work out, Marshall expects to get a legitimate chance to make the Steelers' season-opening roster. They are not overloaded at receiver, and he might get the benefit of the doubt in any close competition because of his versatility. He also can return punts and kickoffs.


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