View Full Version : Comments on HOF Game Coverage

08-06-2007, 08:58 AM
Worst... Coverage... Ever...

I guess most people who watch that game aren't really interested in the game. I was interested in some key position battles and seeing how some of the new players performed on the field.

I can kinda understand the interviews with this year's inductees but I have never seen so many missed plays, talking through plays, or LONG shots of the commentators talking.

08-06-2007, 09:32 AM
I could almost hear the annoyance in Collinsworthless' voice when he actually had to say something positive about the Steelers. Oh, and Gumbel's still a joke. Gotta stay positive, at least I won't have to listen to that blithering idiot Theismann this year. :thumbsup:

08-06-2007, 09:34 AM
I agree, but it wasn't unexpected. Gumbel and Collingsworth have no business calling a game. And after the Irwin interview, it was all downhill. They hardly called the called the game and :blah::blah::blah: the rest of the way.

08-06-2007, 12:59 PM
wow all i wanted to do was watch the game, but no blah blah blah very annoying.

08-06-2007, 01:16 PM
Seriously Michael Irvin cried. I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-06-2007, 01:53 PM
This is a small list of what I hated the most about last night game coverage.

1. Bryant Gumbel- This guy has no buisness calling a game.

2. Collensworth talking about Vick and how he should make a deal to try and get off with out a major punishment. 1st of all if he makes a deal doesn't that prove he was atleast somrwhat guilty.

3. The fact that it turned into the Mike Irvin show. Don't get me wrong he does deserve to be in the Hall but come on why was he the only one invited to the booth. Did the rest of the inductes not deserve anything but 45 seconds on the sideline give me a break.

The Duke
08-06-2007, 03:05 PM
I don't care much about the announcers, good or bad they are just like cheerleaders, they distract you from the real action on the field

08-06-2007, 03:25 PM
The very few times they actually talked about the game they were really bad. My main objection was how little they talked about the game!

It was also crazy that plays were going on and they didn't have the shots on screen. Thurman Thomas told that boring story about renewing his vows with his wife while we missed two snaps.

I could handle the inept commentary of Grumbel and Bungle if they would have just shown the game.

08-06-2007, 05:15 PM
I hated it when they were doing an interview while the game was going on and they split the screen diagonally into two small screens that I could barely see what was going on in either of them. Dont care for Bryan Gumbel at all, he has got to be one of the most boring play by play guys ever.

I don't have the NFL Network and was glad that the game was broadcast in hd on the cbs affiliate, was the first football game I've seen in hi def and it was beautiful.

08-06-2007, 05:58 PM
Peeon was ragging the Steelers during pregame. While the others were suggesting that a healthy Ben would be the factor that puts the Steelers back into contention, Peeon Deeonne said,"What! Did the Steelers suddenly get better in the off season? They are in the same division as the Ravens & Bengals! Are we forgetting that?!"

Can't wait until we demolish the Ratbirds & Bungholes! I can't stand Peeon and his sarcastic biotch-ass screach! I bet he wears a womans thong!