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Quick game review. Of course you don?t like to come out on the short side of those, but on a positive note, it will give us an edge as we go into next week and hopefully we can put an exclamation point on our training camp. Quickly, some things that I thought we did well, we continued to offensively, to get big plays in chunks and you have to be able to do that if you are going to be a dynamic offense. Splash plays were there for us. I didn?t like what I saw on third-down and short. I think the sign of a good offense unit is one that can move the chains on third-down and short. We missed two third-down and short in the first half and that is unacceptable. We can not operate like that and be a good offense. Defensively, the first guys that went in continued to do well. They got off the field on third downs. We love the way they responded to adversity. We had a fumble early on. They went on and got off the field. They did that repeatedly liked that from them. Defensively I thought once they got their mobile quarterback in there, with (Aaron) Rodgers, we had to do a better job of staying after him, from a containment standpoint and being sound in our coverage. That is something we can identify and get better at this week. From a special teams standpoint, I think it was the second week in a row where we exposed a blaring weakness in PAT field goal protection. In this league, if you are not sure in any aspect of your game, people are going to attack you. It was obvious based on the two tapes we have put out there that we need to address that this week and we will. You have to make problems like that disappear and we will do that. I would like to compliment them. I thought they did a nice job, particularly on establishing a rhythm while running the football there in the second half and cutting the ball back in the zone. They did a nice job and we came up short. We are not going to judge it with emotion. We are going to take a look at the tape. We are going to make corrections and move forward, with developing this football team, just like we did last week when we came out on the positive side of it.

On the offensive line:

They did a nice job. They had some pretty good, heavy rushes. They have a good 4-3 defense and they pride themselves on creating pressure with four. They have some guys that are built for the battle. KGB (Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila) and some of the other guys down the line are capable of prime pressure. That is probably something our offensive line hasn?t seen during training camp, based on our personnel. By no means are we making excuses for that. We have to do a better job of protecting the quarterback, especially on the edges. We will do that and we have to get to the lab on it and move forward. Aside from the pressure, we didn?t play technically sound in that aspect of the game. We got a few holding penalties and things of that nature. That must stop, because of course, those things are drive killers.

On the first-team offense:

It wasn?t successful tonight, but that is what this process is about for us. We want to see what we are capable of doing and challenge this group. They went out and started fast last week. We brought them something new and different tonight, to see how they would handle it. We could have handled it better. Hopefully that will put an edge on that first unit, as we go into work this week and I am sure it will. I am already starting to get that hint from number seven (Ben Roethlisberger), that he has a little edge going into this week. He wanted another shot at it; to go out there on the field again, but we didn?t give it to him. We are hoping that will light a fire and get that group going, going into next week. We want to take a look at it. Risk taking, yes, but that is what this process it about. But no we didn?t like what we saw from them.

On Chris Hoke:

We are going to have to run some test there. Basically, he got leg-whipped and we will see what the test reveals. We will know more in the morning. The leg-whip was a missed tackle. I thought we missed a couple tackles in the second half of that football game, which is kind of uncharacteristic of this football team, up thought last week and the first half of this game. They did a nice job of running, but we missed a few.

On the defenses pass rush:

No, I am not impressed with the containment of that mobile quarterback. The difference between rushing the passer, when he has a pocket is different than containing a guy when he is on the move. This guy was on the move and we lost containment and that makes it difficult. We have to do a better job of containing and we have to do a better job of covering down the field.

How do you feel about Gary Russell?

He?s a downhill guy, we like his running style. He?s working hard. This is only a process for him, hopefully we?ll continue to bring him along, and he?ll show that he can develop a complete game, pass protection, ect.., etc? He is showing us that he is a capable runner, but in order to be a running back he?s got more work to do. By no means are we disappointed of what he?s shown us thus far.

How was Carey Davis at Fullback?

My initial response I thought he did some nice things. He got a few parameter runs, where he showed his athleticism, got a few blocks that sprung us some significant gains. Again I like to judge them by the tape, but that was my initial response.

Did you have a plan for FB before the game started?

We had a plan. He and John (Kuhn) are swing guys. John was primary fullback last week. Carey was primary fullback this week. That is how we are going about dealing with this thing. We don?t want to put too much on them in one football game. You tell them at the top of the week, this is your job and they can focus on it, and hopefully they give a high quality performance, and they know what their assignment is going to be. We got some position flexible guys that was the focus of Carey this week. Initial response I thought he did a solid job.

Tell us about the cornerback depth, like Ricardo Colcough.

I think he?s been active. All of our guys have been active. They have been challenging throws. A missed tackle or two in the second half, but that has been a characteristic of our football team, not only Ricardo, but I?ll reserve judgment on that until I get a chance to watch it.

Can you elaborate on the point after attempt, the holding call?

Let me address the PAT field goal thing first. We showed a glaring weakness from that standpoint last week. We got a holding penalty on the wing, on a field goal attempt. We had to re-kick the ball, thankfully Jeff nailed it. We talked about it last week that when you show a weakness in the kicking game people are going to come after you. We knew that Green Bay knew that and they were going to come after us, and they did. The problem has been compounded. Were going to have to go back to work this week, we are going to put our pads on, we?re going to practice field goals, we?re going to practice blocking field goals next week, and that?s what I told the football team tonight.

RE: Using a lot of players on special teams hurting the team?s performance.

I?m not going to make any excuse for who we got in there. The eleven on the field represent us. We have to do a better job in that area.

When you were in preparing for other teams did the no-huddle bother you at all?

We?re not necessarily looking at it because we?re concerned on what other defenses are going to respond it. It?s just part of what we do, and we?re more concerned on the execution of it. Our ability to communicate, our ability to line up and execute calls in great detail without huddling. Because it?s obvious if you get in game situations you are going to have to have the ability to do that.

On why the no-huddle was used:

I think you have to be able to change the pace of a football game, for a variety of reasons. You want to be able to keep people off balance and that is what we intend to do. We will continue to work in that area.

On if Ben Roethlisberger wants more responsibility:

Ben (Roethlisberger) is pushing for a lot of things. The more you can put on his plate, that is what he wants, but that is what you want from a guy in his situation.

On what he told the team after the game:

I just told the men we need to put an exclamation point on this training camp. We talked about finishing and having a finishers attitude, in everything we do. I like the way we finished mini-camp and I like the way finished Organized Team Activity days. Everything that we have done, we have had a great attention to detail and we don?t want to ooze to a finish in training camp. How you finish things represents how you finish football games and how you finish football seasons, so each time we are coming to the end of something, we want to have all eyes on deck and be wired and are into it. I think they will be ready to respond to that.
On if the leg-whip on Chris Hoke was legal:

A would-be tackler who missed was the guy who leg-whipped him.

On if Chris Hoke will get a MRI:

I am sure he will.

On if there were any other injuries:

No, I think that was the only one to my knowledge. I am sure we will clock in tomorrow and there will be bumps and bruises, that are associated with the night after a football game, but I think that was the only in-game injury.

On if anyone stood out tonight:

Not positively, but we will take a look and see what it looks like from a tape standpoint.

08-12-2007, 08:29 AM

WR Hines Ward

General comment

“Today, the disappointing thing was [that] we really couldn’t get things going. We tried to work on our no-huddle offense. It was hard to convert third downs. You have to be able to do that. I think we converted a couple of them, but we really never got into a rhythm. And then, we turned the ball over. Anytime you turn the ball over, you decrease your chances of winning the ball game.”

Obviously, you went with a different offensive line. That’s probably tough for them to get into a rhythm…

“It is. Rotating all those guys around – as training camp goes on, we’re going to solidify our five guys that we’re going to have there the whole time. There’s no question it makes a huge difference. Once we get set on whatever five guys we’re going to have – that’s what training camp is all about. You can only take too much from this game. But just learn from it, take some constructive criticism, and move on and try to get better.”

RE: Charlie Batch

“Charlie’s been like that ever since he came here. He’s a guy whenever you want him, he comes off the bench. He’s got an advantage because he sees things a little bit on the sideline. And when he gets his opportunity, he’s making the most of it. He’s really playing well.”

Is this offense close to where it needs to be?

“I think so. We worked on no-huddle. That was our whole game plan coming in here, [to] start the game [with] no-huddle. And it didn’t go like we wanted it to. But it’s a learning process. It’s not like we’re going to run it regularly, but it’s still going to be a vital part of our offense. We just didn’t execute the way that we wanted to with the no-huddle. We tried to get into a rhythm and feel each other out, but, at the same time, we’re not game planning anything. We’re just trying to go out there and work plays. On certain plays, they just got us. There’s nothing you can really do about it. The second group went in there [and] drove it. Some guys made some huge plays. Santonio [Holmes] came up with a huge catch. Walter [Young] got in for a huge catch. Those are plays that we can learn and grow on and critique and move one. That’s what preseason is all about.”

RB Najeh Davenport

Was the no-huddle the game plan tonight, to really work on that?

“Yeah. It’s part of practice. So it’s not really something that you’d say we’re going out there to work on. It’s part of practice.”

You guys expect to use that a little bit more than you did last year. Is that true?

“I don’t know. That’s up to [Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians], how he feels in the moment. But it’s part of our practice. It’s something we learn, and we can do it anytime.”

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Boy, Tomlin sure says all the right things. I can't wait till he really turns this team loose on opening day.

08-12-2007, 11:17 AM
"You might say Dick and I don't have much in common,'' Tomlin said, "but we both love football, and that's all we need. I love finding new ways to teach and learn, and it's amazing how much you can learn when you shut up and listen.'' Mike Tomlin That statement shows the mentality that will make him a great coach. I won't get to see the game till this evening. But I like what I am hearing. I know many of us got excited by the HOF game. But this is a work in progress and the changes and team mentality is a great start. We will have a very good year I feel. He is taking his time and really looking at everyone and how they will fit with the team. The team first mentality bodes well. The best is still to come from this coach and this team. I don't think any team will rival the greatest team ever from the '70's, but this team will hand the Rooneys more than a few Lombardi trophies before Tomlin is done.

08-12-2007, 11:24 AM
Boy, Tomlin sure says all the right things. I can't wait till he really turns this team loose on opening day.

I was actually impressed with how he handled the media for a first year head coach. He's learned a lot as an AC.

08-12-2007, 06:34 PM
Tomlin is a better interview then Cowher, that's for sure, and he gives out more of his own thoughts. I like that, and I think all the fans will, too.

08-12-2007, 11:11 PM
i think tomlin is going to put together a great team and give us a chance to go to the playoffs and possibly the superbowl.