View Full Version : jets vs vikings (2 ultimate highlights)

tony hipchest
08-17-2007, 09:26 PM
m. williams absolutely blew up d. furgeson on a blindside block on an interception return. a preseason decleater that would be on "jacked up" were this a regular season game. quite a play to see with 2 huge dudes. (and nothing cheap like w. sapp on c. clifton of green bay but nearly as explosive).

a. peterson had the preseason run of the year. it will be seen on sportscenter highlights for sure. excellent spin move once he got to the 2nd level (c. martin like) and he bounced it outside and up the line for about 30 yards where he destroyed the db who tried to make a tackle.

im definitely ready for some football. unfortunately i am VERY scared of the refs this season.-

j. cotchery was tackled at the 1 yardline. as he was getting up on his hands and knees with the ball still in his hands he pounded it on the ground in an aggitated manner as if he were frustrated with himself for not scoring a td. the wet ball squirted off the wet turf a few yards even though it seemed obvious he was just slamming the ball to the ground like we have seen 100's of times.

he was penalized 5 yards for delay of game. its great to know the refs still have no clue on what the intent of a rule is.

dont even get me started on the 2 pt conversion that was not overturned in last nights miami- chiefs game (11-10). its obvious no ammount of high def equipment or new age technology is gonna help these guys out.

knee down, player touched, ball 6" from end zone = no conversion no matter where the ball hits the ground :dang:

it should be so simple. :banging: