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tony hipchest
08-25-2007, 01:28 AM
im thinking of rookies who will prove (or have already proven) that they shouldve been a first round pick. or atleast 1st rounders who will eventually prove they shouldve been drafted much, much higher (so if youre a dookie lover you can list brady quinn)

this post calls for mostly speculation based on what youve seen so far, and minimal fact, but dont hesitate to back up your answer. gut feelings are more than welcom. no answer is wrong!

YAY! (lol) :cheer:


im gonna list mostly players who i wanted to be steelers and have so far proven to be good picks:

of course i cant start this list without

lamaar woodley- potentially could be the kendrell bell or demeco ryans of this years draft (both won DROTY as a 2nd year draft pick)

jacoby jones- making a strong push to be the #2 wr with a. johnson for the texans. a true sleeper frome small school (lane) who could be a nice loveable version of 3rd round pick T.O. out of chattanooga college. he could come out with better numbers than either USC or LSU wr drafted ahead of him.

brian leonard- no way a FB should make this list. especially someone who gives up touches to somebody like s. jackson. however, nobody woulda said a special teamer like devin hester shoulda made this list last year.

antwaan barnes- hes the man you love to hate because he is a raven and because he reminded an eagles rugby punter why you always keep your head on a swivel. steelersfever ran an excellent article with him before the draft and i was hoping we would snag him as a sleeper. as soon as we took 2 lb's w/ the 1st two picks, i knew that want going to happen. i was bummed to see the ravens take him, yet it confirmed i was on the right track. it may not be this year but he will remind people to ask how b.scott and adalius thomas werent drafted in atleast the 2nd round.

paul posluszny- many had him going to the steelers at 15. he will show he wanst high on the list based solely on pennsylvania love or legends of jack ham.

honorable mention to anthony spencer who i havent watched but will be given every opportunity to prove he is a top player and dan sepulveda who will show some reasoning behind the raiders reaching for s. janikowski in the 1st round. no kicker is worth more than a 3rd rounder but dan may show to be a pro bowler (and the best at his position) in his 1st year, and many more years to come. anytime you get that out of a 4th rounder has got to be considered a steal.

who makes your list so far?

08-25-2007, 04:46 AM
Love your pick of Brian Leonard....

I would add LB Bradley Stewart and RB Tony Hunt.
I would have added DE Quinton Moses (surprise) if I thought the Raiders knew how to use him.

Livinginthe past
08-25-2007, 07:20 AM
Havn't seen too much pre-season football, but a couple of guys to keep an eye on (from a New England standpoint) are Mike Richardson (DB) and Justin Rogers (OLB).

Both of these guys were drafted in round 6 and don't look out of place on the pro football field - although Richardson did get burnt for Carolinas only big play last night.

I hear plenty of good stuff about both and they seemed (esp Richardson) to be floating between 1st and 2nd team duty last night.

The only other guy who stands out of the 1st round is Olsen (chicago, TE) who has had a great camp by all accounts - having a playmaking TE is key for a jittery QB.

08-26-2007, 01:47 PM
Brian Leonard has really looked good, and I am very well pleased with Lamar Woodley for us. Posluszny has looked very good and it may turn out that the Steelers may regret not taking him first, but only time will tell. Timmons is a playmaker as well when healthy and we must give him time. I am looking for our Rookie Punter.. not even gonna try to spell his name.. but I am looking for pro bowls for him for many years.

Livinginthe past
08-26-2007, 02:04 PM
I dont see Leonard taking many carries from Jackson, maybe he'll be similar to Brandon Jacobs in NY when he played behind Tiki - short yardage and goalline.