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08-30-2007, 03:12 PM
I have a friend who loves to talk shit on Ohio State to me all the damn time. However, he would never pick a school, so I couldn't talk shit back. I finally told him that this season, if he didn't pick a school, every time he talked shit I'd sock him in the stomach. Well, after socking him twice, he's picking. So I made a list going by conference.

I didn't list every school in each conference, but here is who I did list:


USC Trojans
UCLA Bruins
Oregon Ducks
Cal Golden Bears

Big 12

Oklahoma Sooners
Texas Longhorns
Texas A&M Aggies
Nebraska Cornhuskers


Florida Gators
Tennessee Volunteers
Alabama Crimson Tide
LSU Tigers
Auburn Tigers
Arkansas Razorbacks
Georgia Bulldogs


Miami Hurricaines
Florida State Seminoles
Virginia Tech Hokies

Big East

West Virginia Mountaineers
Pittsburgh Panthers
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Loisville Cardinals

Big 10

Ohio State Buckeyes (just in case)
Michigan Wolverines (doubt it though, a mutual friend is a Piss and Blue fan)
Penn State Nittany Lions
Michigan State Spartans
Wisconson Badgers


Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Boise State Broncos
Hawai'i Warriors

I didn't list MAC teams because his dad went to Toledo and he knows about the MAC teams.

The criteria I gave on each team:

Colors, National Championships, Heisman Trophy Winners, Notable Players, Rivals, Stadium Name, City & State

08-30-2007, 03:26 PM
Did you not put notable alumni for Virginia Tech?

How could he say no to the Hokies with that info provided? :hunch:

Seems like an unusual way to choose a team.

Don't worry about him hating on your Buckeyes. You don't need fuel for retaliation. Let the guys on the field do the talking.

After all. The team he picks will probably end up winning the National Championship, then you'll have to hear that.

08-30-2007, 05:32 PM
I put notable players for every team.

I think he'll end up picking Michigan State or Penn State if he wants to piss off me and our friend because both of our teams (he likes Michigan) plays them on an annual basis.

I can also see him chosing Notre Dame, especially since he just moved to Indiana.