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tony hipchest
08-31-2007, 04:58 PM
WTF does this mean????


In the meantime, the Steelers can celebrate the end of an extended preseason, one that offered promise but at the same time failed to forge Mike Tomlin's first team into a juggernaut.

what kind of "juggernaut" was expected? certainly not the kind that would have the best (4-1) preseason record and held 5 opponents to 46 points of scoring. obviously not a defense that gave up 3 field goals and 1 touchdown in the 1st half of its 5 games. it may be pre season but the steelers scoring defense, left 30 teams in the dust and only the ravens not too far behind.

the ravens have allowed 29 in three games. you do the math.

the steelers have scored 41 more points than they have allowed. this net differential is twice as much as any other team not named the titans or jaguars.

maybe were not an offensive juggernaut despite showing the big play offense and 2 leading quarterbacks in ypa.

but its meaningless stats in meaningless games against meaningless opponents :blah:

if thats the case, why is it so meaningful if sepulveda shanks a punt, ben gets sacked, our rb gets stuffed, or w. reid muffs a punt. only the bad matters?

this one is a doozie:

Still, there are kinks to work out, or around, between here and the postseason.

One involves the backup to starting left tackle Marvel Smith.

The Steelers don't have one.

Their experiment with Max Starks at the position seemingly contributed only to Starks no longer lining up as the starting right tackle.

As for Willie Colon, who started at right tackle over the final four preseason games, he and right guard Kendall Simmons were required to play three series last night while the rest of the offensive starters played one or less.

Apparently, Colon and Simmons needed the work.

:sofunny: seriously, is this not the same crying media that whined that the steelers needed to settle on a line and let them build cohesion with multiple snaps together? had tomlin pulled the right side of his line you can bet he'd be getting ripped for not letting them in a little longer to build a little more of that prescious chemistry.

my favorite has to be our "draft class that hasnt shown much". sepulveda being said to be a waste of a 4th and 6th round pick that coulda been used on "real players" is a great example, especially when the writer predicts our other 4th and 6th round picks being practice squad material at best. released like gibson or harris at worst. :huh: so much for the real players.

the focus on throw away picks, overshadows that our punt return coverage unite is primed to be one of the leagues best.

pre-season or not, you cant have the bad without the good, and some people will always see a half full glass as one that is half empty.

08-31-2007, 05:19 PM
damn, tony, that's a good post... sh** like that is why i don't listen much to the media...

08-31-2007, 05:53 PM
some people will always see a half full glass as one that is half empty.
depends on what's in the glass....if its just water its half full...if its beer , it's half empty ,and time for a refill ...:chug:

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08-31-2007, 06:22 PM
tony, if you are half as athletic as you are passionate they should give you the league minimum to be backup left tackle!!

i think someone needs something to write about. damn media!

Black@Gold Forever32
08-31-2007, 07:17 PM
It seems the masses have forgot the Steelers only won the Super Bowl not to long ago...lol If wasn't for the turnovers, bad special teams play and Ben being shell shocked all year the Steelers would have been a play-off team last year and might have made another Super Bowl run....

So the talent is still in place for this team to still be very good....Plus the special teams are clearly better then last year even with Reid's struggles on kick returns...Hopefully the couple good returns Reid had against the Panthers gets him going....

The Steelers defense looks as good as ever....Plus had fresh young legs at OLB......An emerging playmaking FS in Anthony Smith.....I think the defense will be up to Steeler standards this year....

I have said many times even last year that the Steelers offense has the potential to be a top five offense in the NFL...Hopefully Ariens new offense uses that talent to full potential....

I think the Steelers are 10 win team right now....But potentially they could be better......

tony hipchest
08-31-2007, 07:35 PM
...lol If wasn't for the turnovers, ......

good point. how bad was willie parkers pre season fumble? the steelers fumbled 4 times in 5 preseason games. only 5 teams fumbled fewer times (in 1 less game). the steelers lost 2 of those fumbles. only 4 teams lost fewer.

and now for the good:

chargers and steelers are tied for 1st in forced fumbles. nobody but the chargers have more than the steelers 6 fumbles recovered. three teams have 6 recoveries. no other team has more than 4.

what does all this mean? the steelers are on the positive side of the turnover differential. history says they will improve dramatically in this area and now it is being seen. ben has thrown 1 int. our back ups are making wise decisions.

but we cant talk about this and none of it matters cause its only preseason.

yet we can read a dozen articles about willies fumblitis. :hunch:

Go Bengals
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Its a bungal fan, whatcha expect. lol

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Who let inbred Jed in? :toofunny:

Galax Steeler
09-01-2007, 06:19 AM
Who let inbred Jed in? :toofunny:

Thats a good one.:sofunny::sofunny:

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Love the positive vibe Tony