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09-03-2007, 07:17 AM
Texas Tech Red Raiders at the SMU Mustangs


Last year's Texas Tech blowout of SMU,35-3,in the first game of the season, could have been due to many factors. But the biggest factor , in my opinion, was the erratic play and lack of determination of some key positions, including , but not limited to the defensive backfield. This season's loss of Joe Sturdivant will certainly add to that problem.
Justin Willis, the Mustang QB, will be better this year with added experience. He threw 182 comp. out of 270 att., for 2047 yards and a very respectable 67.4 comp. pct. He only threw 6 ints. compared to 26 TDs. As if that wasn't enough, he also rushed 132 times for 354 yds. with 2.7 ypc and three TDs. In my opinion that is quite a year.
DeMyron Martin will return at RB to take off some of the pressure in rushing situations. He was plagued with injury in the 2006 season. With the loss of three starters on the off. line. Reggie Carrington and Wilton McCray will be pressured at LB, and much of SMU's success this year may depend on their ability to stop the run. The secondary is very suspect, and if they don't play well together, SMU will get scored on a lot.
The Red Raiders, with a season ending come from behind by 31 point victory over a stunned Minnesota team in the Insight Bowl just about says it all for Texas Tech. They have no quit in them!! They have a very dependable QB in the return of starter Graham Harrell. He amassed 4555 yards passing on 412 comp. out of 616 att. with a 66.9 pct, 11 ints and an amazing 38 TDs. Do you realize that is 379 ypg and 2.9 TDs per game, and an unbelievable average of 34 comp per game. It makes me wonder if I am looking at the correct stats for goodness sake.
Tech has lost their entire defensive line, and, sadly enough, only one starter returns to the off. line. They also lose 3 starting receivers, which will definitely put pressure on Michael Crabtree and Danny Amendola to make plays for an offense that was 3rd in the country in pass off.
Sports writers all over the country are commenting on the fine spring play of Clint Stoffers, and he will play a vital role in Tech's pass rush.
RB Shannon Woods is back. Last year he totaled 926 yds. on 152 carries, with an average of a very respectable 6.1 ypc and 10 TDs. I can't figure out when he had the time to do that, with Harrell putting the ball in the air on so many occassions.
This game opened most places at Tech -9, but now I see that WSEX has it at -8' and a total of 59.5. I don't think Tech will win by the 32 point margin of last year, but I do think that Harrell will put enough points on the board to cover the paltry 8'. Due to the loss of so many starters on both squads in key positions, I don't think the total will approach 59.5. But betting totals this early in the season is not exactly the wisest thing to do. Tech has the guns, and they should cover, if for no other reason, their determination.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope your year of FB is the best you ever had.

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09-03-2007, 09:45 AM
good stuff cant wait to watch this game. SMU is def on the rise and if justin willis plays good watch out tech. remember shannon woods was in the top 10 in receptions too so even with the lost of filani and hicks they still have one of their top receivers

i think it wil start close but texas tech is still jus too much for SMU