View Full Version : ESPN Sports Guy Pics - Part I

Atlanta Dan
09-06-2007, 03:30 PM
He is a hopeless homer for the Pats but still writes like a fan and can be funny, so here is Part I of the NFL picks by ESPN Sports Guy Bill Simmons. ESPN posts Part II tomorrow.

Steelers are not listed (which means they are in Simmons top 11 teams) but there are these takes on the Browns and Bengals

28. Cleveland Browns
One year away from being turned around by Bill Cowher and his rejuvenated spittle

14. Cincinnati Bengals
I have very few rules in life, but here's one: Any time a talented team underachieves because of a crappy defense, a shaky coaching staff and a collective chemistry that could best be described as "homicidal," then they bring the whole crew back for another season, I can't pick them to make the playoffs. So why would anyone else pick them? After six straight months of Vick/Pacman talk, it seems like many people (including Sports Illustrated and many of the ESPN.com experts) simply forgot what happened with the '06 Bengals. So here's a look at their 2006 team video. Enjoy. (FYI - you need to link to the Simmons story to link to the video)


IMO Simmons may be another writer coming around to the view the Steelers should not be overlooked.

Livinginthe past
09-06-2007, 03:59 PM
I dont see how anyone (outside of a little smack talk) could seriously write the Steelers off.

They remain the most balanced team in the AFCN - the rook coach thing is a real wildcard but I doubt anyone from Cincy and Baltimore (muchless their coaches or players) really thinks the Steelers will conveniently disappear off the AFC map.

And yeah, I love Simmons too - unashamed homer and Colts 'hater' - his articles are always entertaining - especially the stuff about ridiculous plot twists in movies.