View Full Version : Steelers' Troy Polamalu: The Samoan Headhunter

09-11-2007, 12:01 PM
Title: Steelers' Troy Polamalu: The Samoan Headhunter
Source: Steelers Fever
Date: 9/11/07
Author: Patrick Byrd

Link: http://www.steelersfever.com/editorials/0757.html

Summary: You look up towards the heavens and see this perfectly thrown football and its spiraling towards your face. Your body takes over and does, what it has been trained to do for the better part of you life, your hands rise up, thumbs and pointer fingers together. You've got the ball in your hands and as you come streaking back to earth a slight smile on your face appears because you have this ball and there is no way anybody can take this away from you.