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09-14-2007, 03:18 PM
This was too funny....I just had to post it!
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Steely: Exposed; Uncovering the man behind the mascot mask
By Karen Roebuck
Friday, September 14, 2007

When the Steelers introduced their new mascot, they likely expected Steely McBeam would be embraced like a Terrible Towel following a game-winning touchdown.
Instead, fans dissed him like a Britney Spears' Video Music Awards performance.

Sure, if they meet Steel Town's newest celebrity, they'll wrap an arm around his overall-covered waist and smile for the camera. But behind his padded back, fans are mocking not only his ridiculous name but his very mcbeing.

With an oversized chin that makes Jay Leno's look small, a jaundiced face and an outfit out of the 1970s, Steely is hard to love. He's not as cute as, say, the Pitt Panther (or is he?), the Pirate's parrot or the Pens Patrol -- those tightly clad T-shirt throwers.

Are we not supposed to notice that the "steel beam" Steely carries flops like a twig in a wind storm? Or that his chin is clefted like a center's butt crack?
Even an Arizona's sports fans blog mocked our bushy-browed mascot, although one blogger noted: "Steely McBeam would have been an awesome porn name."

But a mascot is supposed to make us cheer, not moan.

Still, like it or not, Steely's here, so we want to get to know him. Maybe then we can at least say he's got a nice personality.

Will he win our hearts during Sunday's home opener, the way the always-smiling, sparkling-eyed Hines Ward has?

Can he carry that beam like Willie Park carries a ball through a defensive line?

Can he rally a crowd like a long pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes?

And most especially, we want to know: What does he think of his much-derided name? Does he blame that on his parents as he surely must his inordinately large head?

Actually, the Steelers turned to the Steeler Nation to name the somewhat tough-looking steel worker. Seventy thousand fans submitted suggestions, begging the question: What the heck were the 69,999 rejected ideas?

"I hope people understand how much good he can do," said Steelers spokesman Dave Lockett. "Steely McBeam has been very popular with kids. We had him up at Children's Hospital, and he put a smile on a lot of shy kids faces. When you see that, you realize he can do a lot of good for our community and our fans."

A request to interview the newest addition to the lineup, however, was politely denied. The mascot is the persona, not the man (or woman) behind it. And, the Steelers said, Steely doesn't talk.

Oh, but he does. He talks a lot.

At least the man behind the square-jawed mascot does, bragging of his latest gig and even posting tell-all photos on his Facebook page. That's also where he's trash-talking the Pirate's parrot, better known there as -- gasp -- "a jerk." (We're pretty sure he's just amping up the mascot rivalry, though.)

Despite the resemblance, Bill Cowher is not behind the Steely mask.

Nor is it 54-year-old City Council President Doug Shields, who donned the baby-faced costume of the team's former mascot, "Stevie Steeler," from 1983-91.

Beneath the hard hat and hard head is -- drumroll in your heads, please -- Jason Pippi.


Jason Pippi, 21, a Pitt student and 2004 Central Catholic High School graduate.

Pippi and McBeam shunned our efforts to talk to him/them. But according to the Pitt News and Pippi's Facebook page -- where he recently described himself as "a hot hot shawty" -- Pippi was in Pitt's marching band, a member of Lamba Chi Alpha fraternity and is a studio arts and journalism major.

More relevant to his ascension to Steely McBeam, Pippi played the peppy Pitt Panther prior to sporting Steely's persona.

Now that he's in the big league, can he deliver a Hail-Mary to save Steely's rep?


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Now that's hawt. A hawt, hawt shawty. Steely McBeam is a hawt hawt shawty.

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Personally I think the Steeler management should get a penalty for unnessacery stupidity.

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i would rather see the steelladies cheerleaders instead

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The "PORN" name reference is actually funny.

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after seeing an attempt at a mascot, i'm not sure i want to see their version of cheerleaders ..... oh well, the steelers keep winning and all will be forgiven.