View Full Version : Weather may help the Huskers

09-15-2007, 05:45 PM
If there was ever a time or a game for C.J. Gable to show up this is it. The last thing the SC offense wants to do at Nebraska is to go deep into the playbook.

Youth at the defensive line combined with the 'Huskers inexperience at linebacker means a gritty battle in the trenches. I'd like to see a more one-dimensional running attack and a big dose of Gable to try and rattle them right up the middle. It'll get really snippy inside if he can get some early success.

But if Trojan tailbacks put the pigskin on the carpet this will be one long night in Lincoln. Very thankful for the SC defense because if this game gets tight - which it probably should - they'll have to unleash the rage building up for the last two weeks.

09-16-2007, 03:08 AM
What aggravated early in the game is that they gave the Huskers too many plays in the first 20 minutes or so.

When does a 17.3 yard average per carry look meager? C.J. Gable will stay in the mix but the tailback I gave the nod to in the Idaho game, Stafon Johnson, might have delivered a performance that could slow down the rotation in the Trojan backfield. Johnson's 13.1 ypc accounted for almost half of the 313 rushing yards.

And freshman Stanley Havili getting 52 yards on TWO carries? HUH!

We are not talking about Middle Tennessee or Utah State.

Give credit where credit is due :globe:..world class offensive line. They opened holes big enough to land the space shuttle.

Hmmm. Great offensive line. Unpredictable blitzing D. And run it up the middle to take control of the game...ALL GAME :hunch: I know this is Big Ten country but doesn't that sound like Steeler Football.