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10-01-2005, 04:04 PM
i think the colts are going to beat the pats. i put it in the blast furnance cause i know someone is probably gonna end up talkin shit so i'm saving BRC some time from having to move the thread here.

alright LITP, you want to know why i think the pats will lose to the colts, well it's called makin a prediction and stickin with it, but i can explain a little bit why i think they'll beat the pats

lets see..... well you should stop living in the past cause teams change and the players grow and the colts seem to have grown on the defensive side of the ball and they 3-0 and manning hasn't even got into a real rythem they gonna be scary once he does. the pats keep losing key players while the colts are staying healthy and growin confedence each week. they will have home field advantage when y'all play in the playoffs so manning won't have to play in the cold and will be able to have the crowd behind him. also all good things most come to an end and that is the pats reign as the champions, who will win it all? i don't know i just know for sure the pats will not 3peat

it's not the novel i told you i was gonna write but i don't care i explained why i think the pats will not beat the colts.

deuce up