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09-24-2007, 02:03 AM
I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in, but I wanted to congratulate you guys on your victory. Tomlin was an excellent choice for you guys. His style seems to go a long way in your team's attitude. Seems they have definitely bought what he was selling!

Your defensive line is very disciplined, especially Hampton. I was watching his interview on NFL Network on what his job was as a 3-4 NT. He said that he had to make the OL double team him and free up the LBs. If the double didn't come, his job was to win the one on one battle and make the play. For the most part, he did that. Your linebackers and Troy also did a good job in keeping Gore in check.

Your Offensive line is the best we have faced. Our edge rush was a blessing in disguise for Parker as the Tackles just pushed the rushers up the field. Fast Willie got many of his yards there. That's where we definitely missed Manny Lawson. Manny may have gotten caught the first time, but he is smart and probably would have not allowed so many off tackle runs. But I can't blame you guys for taking advantage; a good coaching staff would as yours did. Our defense did an exceptional job against Big Ben. I've always liked him since his days at Miami-OH. We brought some different looks for him and although some rattled him, he hung in there often breaking away from what should have been sacks and made plays. Props to him.

We all know about the Special teams. Our Kickoff coverage has been very good up until that Rossum TD. They did a better job the rest of the day, but the damage was done. You guys have a dependable kicker it seems, which is what you need in close ballgames and around Playoff times..

I wasn't as confident that we would win as much as I was looking forward to seeing where we stand as far as a team. I had to say that I was impressed with our team for the most part being able to compete and keep things respectable for most of the game. A few breaks here and there and who knows? Maybe now, our offensive coordinator will open the offense up a little and let Alex play and not be so conservative and predictable. We still need Gore in our offense, but complimenting him with a passing game will only increase his value and production to the 9ers.

I've already heard it from some Steeler Fans, one with a Tat on his arm! It's all good though. I'd probably be rubbing it in just a little if the Niners had won! LOL Good luck to you guys in your run for the Playoffs and kick the $hitz out of Arizona and Seattle for us, and maybe we might have a lil something in return for you guys when we play Cinci and Baltimore, cause I know you aren't worried about the Browns, are you?:smile:

Galax Steeler
09-24-2007, 03:46 AM
Thanks it was a very good game you guys have a good team good luck to you guys also.

09-24-2007, 03:57 AM
Thanks for a friendly congrats! I really like watching the 49ers and your rivals in Arizona. Hopefully you'll destroy the Seahawks this year : )

I wouldn't sweat it too hard. A loss is a hard thing to swallow, but San Fran is a young team with what will be an elite, game-winning quarterback, an already top 5 rb, and a guts-and-glory receiver in Arnaz Battle (I don't know a ton about your receiver set, but that guy fights for his gains!). The biggest thing that seems to be holding the niners back is the Red Zone offense, which hopefully starts clicking by week five or six, at latest.

As far as Alex Smith, I honestly thought he looked pretty good today, though I WAS watching it on SopCast ; ) He didn't make mistakes really, and the pick-for-six he did throw was because they were down at that point due to the lack of an established run game and a blip on ST that I doubt San Fran knew we were capable of (I know it caught me by surprise). The only thing I saw him do that looked bad was throw on the move a few times. The thing a lot of niners fans seem to be forgetting is Smith was up against THE Zone Blitzing Wizard, which rushes passers out of the pocket and forces throws into what is assumed to be man coverage. That's a lot to take in for a young QB. It looks like a lot of niners fan are trashing Smith for not keeping his cool. Expecting a Brady-esque performance from a 23 year old QB against a very solid defense is a bit much. Alex Smith is the guy to lead this team, especially with Trent Dilfer whispering in his ear.

Frank Gore got shut down, but so did the last 26 teams we've played, so ; ) He's a damn fine powerhouse halfback. I was watching a very low-definiton broadcast, so I couldn't see much in the backfield, and stats can be misleading when it comes to halfbacks so I don't really have any comment on Frank Gore from this game.

I wouldn't sweat it too much. A loss is never good, but if you're going to lose, at least it's an AFC team. I'm not one for "if" statements, but if you take off that KO return for a TD, I don't think Smith would've been rushed into a pick, which probably would've held the defense in the game a bit more and stopped Najeh from breaking lose.

All that said, the Steelers were the better team, but I wouldn't look at it like something insurmountable. 49ers did a lot of things right, and what they did wrong can be fixed.

But being a football fan, I can't finish without gloating ; ) w00t w00t FWP! #1 yardage in the league baby! Take care, and good luck against the Seattle Seatards!

09-24-2007, 05:57 AM
DaHonorable49er, you should come here more often. Thank you and good luck against Seahacks.

09-24-2007, 11:52 AM
i usually dont like to compliment any other team (it always makes me throw-up in my mouth a lil bit) but I have to say i was impressed with the 9ers team as a whole. your offense is young and i think will develop into one of the best in the NFC. your D is damn good and IMO one of the best in the NFC right now.

09-24-2007, 12:16 PM
The 49'ers are my wife's team. She is from Concord, in the East Bay. (She does wear an away jersey of Polamalu on game day) You can say that my enthusiasm has rubbed off.

The Niners have a solid D! Clements is a good corner, but I really got tired of the Fox "NFC" announcers jacking him off. He did get burned on the Tuman TD, and they didn't say much then.

I'm looking forward to the Niners beheading the Shechickens!! (thats where they continue to run around without the fat-head, Holmgren. Very amusing!) :thumbsup:

09-24-2007, 12:27 PM
Very classy post....hope you stick around and add to the forum.

Feel free to hand out those friendly barbs .... and yes....beat the CRAP outa the Bungals and Ratbirds!!!

09-24-2007, 12:48 PM
i like the 49ers.. i think if they would stop changing OCs Smith might be able to get into a rhythm and he will be a force at qb.of course not as good as ben, but close:wink02:

09-24-2007, 01:06 PM
Very classy post....hope you stick around and add to the forum.

Feel free to hand out those friendly barbs .... and yes....beat the CRAP outa the Bungals and Ratbirds!!!

I have to agree...

And a pretty good break down as well, with very little homerism.

I think the 49ers will be a good team in the months to come. The biggest thing right now, is that they just have to believe that they can and will win games that are tight.

09-24-2007, 01:07 PM
Thanks Dahonorable!! Classy post. :thumbsup:

Please beat the Bengals.....And stomp the Ravens 50 Million Ways!! :helmet: