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09-25-2007, 06:53 PM
After browsing the Arizona Star newspaper site to see any info on the game from their perspective, although I came up empty handed, I did find this entertaining article.


Cardboard Geico caveman caper unsolved
Life-size cutout was stolen from the UA Student Recreation Center
By Dale Quinn
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.25.2007

It was a simple plan: Grab the caveman and bolt for the getaway car.
The life-size cutout of the Geico caveman was snatched from the Student Recreation Center at the University of Arizona over the weekend, said spokeswoman Jody Liller.
Rec center staffers filed a report with university police, she said. They?ve asked for its return, no questions asked.
The insurance company Geico donated the caveman ? a popular advertising character of the company ? to the center to promote a look-alike contest open to UA students, employees and campus recreation members, Liller said.
Thomas Whaples, an office manager for the Geico at 2000 E. Speedway, said he hand delivered the caveman to help promote the contest. He admitted having concerns the caveman might go missing given the popularity of his commercials and with a TV sitcom starring the prehistoric mascot.
Whaples estimated the value of the cardboard cutout at $100, but he said the loss of the caveman is more than just a financial hit.
?It?s not breaking the bank so to speak, but it?s unfortunate that somebody would dishonestly take this thing,? Whaples said.
Organizers have lost the icon for the upcoming contest, Whaples said. Judges will pick the best looking caveman or cavewoman from 25 finalists Oct. 22, Liller said.
The rec center just wants its missing caveman back unharmed and so does Geico.
?He?s definitely missed and we?re concerned about his welfare,? Whaples said.
Anyone with information about his whereabouts can contact Liller at 621-8715.
Contact reporter Dale Quinn at 629-9412 or dquinn@azstarnet.com.