View Full Version : Steelers vs 49ers Poem

09-25-2007, 08:38 PM
Steelers vs 49ers at Heinz last Sunday
San Francisco was tough - they definitely came to play

Unfortunately for them Frank Gore couldn't find any holes
And they had to settle for mostly field goals

The refs messed up a call - oh what a surprise
And their coach offered him prescription glasses for his eyes

That call didn't mean the game for them even if it was wrong
Steelers have been playing lights out all season long

No 100 yard rushers in 28 games
And every week has receivers with many different names

We haven't been 3-0 since 1992
Last time we did it was when Cowher was new

It's been a total team effort so far this year
What a difference it makes with a new coach here

The Steelers have certainly bought what Tomlin is selling
A lot of our stats do the story telling

97-26 has been our combined score
We've allowed the fewest points going into week four

Steelers go to Arizona for their next test
With our ex coaches and players it's like Steelers East vs West

Whiz and Grimm circled this game you can bet
But Tomlin's team isn't ready to lose just yet

We've been coming up big in all phases of the game
Sorry Cardinals but you should expect more of the same