View Full Version : It's official. We have six No. 5's

09-30-2007, 01:23 AM
:dang: This is only great for college football if we were assured a playoff system.

After the dust cleared what's obvious is nothing.

Well no. What's assured is Tuberville will beat the table demanding that the SEC is given half of the BCS slots because...well, they are in the SEC.

When has an Oregon Ducks loss ever meant more? They are not out.

The officiating crew at Husky Stadium should be allowed to only sell insurance. Chalk up 14 for the zebras. I'm afraid to look at the injury report.

:cheers: This is for the Colorado Buffalo. Not just for beating OU (but it helps) but for playing their asses off. Something the so-called 'elite' teams forgot.

Oh yeah. The Buckeyes beat Minnesota. Nice but :yawn:


10-14-2007, 02:28 AM
Where does one start?

First and foremost. As much as blood in the water is good for football seeing Mike Hart go down is never a good thing. Every college team needs a player like Hart in uniform.

The six No. 5's are a little different but make a case for any to be No. 1 and an equal or better case can be made otherwise.