View Full Version : Couple Things

Sith Lord
09-30-2007, 08:00 PM
Going into the season and looking at out first 5 games....we were thinking 5-0 or 4-1. A win next week and we are right on schedule.

Big Picture? This loss kinda means nothing....an NFC loss that wont hurt us as far as tiebreakers against afc teams. Yeah, we'd like to beat whizz,. but hey, today was their superbowl.

Every time I post it gets moved...and I cant find the one about my view on Tomlin's challenging skills. Anyone wanna debate that today with that disgusting red flag on the arizona td? We could have used that TO. Not saying it was the difference maker, because it wasn't, just thought they could have used it on the final arizona drive as well as the last time we had the ball.

All this being said, lets see where we stand from an injury standpoint, prepare for seattle, and get to that bye at 4-1. We do that, heal up, and at that point we can take a look at the following 3 games.

I'm a die hard steelers fan, and I also happen to be a mets fan. The purpose that the Mets serve in my life is to take me through the spring and the summer, and get me to opening kickoff, which they did. What I'm trying to say is think about a die hard mets fan tonight......could be worse.

BTW, i dont use this word too much, but I HATE Seattle.