View Full Version : TE from Toledo, OH floating SC Offense

10-06-2007, 11:56 PM
The pagers for the hit squad went off in the first quarter and their target is Patrick Turner. When the pass hits you in the hands it's a good thing, right? USC receivers are dropping passes like a completion means they have to spend a month with Rosie O'Donnell. And the persistence to keep Turner in the game plan finally blew up in our faces.

It was obvious in 2005 that Rogers High School grad Fred Davis had IT. And tonight he produced more in 5 catches than he did in the entire 2005 season - not enough balls to go around. Davis has emerged and disappeared a number of times over the last three years but now his game has elevated his stock for the draft.

His reward for his perfromance? A loss to the Cardinal.

THE CARDINAL SIN: No sense of urgency. The same M.O. when SC last lost at home in 2002. PC's posture that 'we'll fix it a halftime' was not the right medicine.

Jim Harbaugh is going to make Stanford wear his personality. That SOB almost beat us in the AFCCG. His players delivered.

The officiating was excellent. If SC beats Cal and Oregon on the road and finishes with one loss then this one will be chalked with forgiveness. Especially if Harbaugh keeps making progress.

What did I do to the Cardinals this week? First AZ and now No. Cal.

10-07-2007, 05:27 PM
I'm having difficulty interpreting all this, but I will say this: USC are the Pats/Yankees of college football. They are loaded every year, but it's never "if", always "when" will they have the big letdown.

The decision by OSU to schedule heavy Pac-10 competition over the next few years is absolutely brilliant. I think we play USC home/away next two years and Cal is in there somewhere.