View Full Version : Steelers Preseason vol.II in the books (an analysis)

tony hipchest
10-10-2007, 06:58 PM
after the 4-1 preseason start i was pretty stokes and saw it as a sign of things to come. but the real bullets werent flying and we needed to see how tomlin responded to a regular season loss. in what was probably one of the most emotional games of the year the steelers lost and responded with force.

everything we saw in the 4-1 preseason pretty much translated to a 4-1 record in preseason vol.II.

the steelers finished vol.1 allowing 46 pts in 5 games. vol.II?- 47 points.
steelers allowed 1 1st half td in vol.I. vol.II?- 0.

is there any reason to believe what we saw in vol.I and vol.II, wont translate into vol.III?

the biggest question coming into this season was the coaching change. that quit being a question for me as soon as i heard lebeau was retained and heard tomlin at his 1st presser as the head coach.

the next 2 big questions were the OL and the DB's (specifically the CB's)

*steelers have allowed a league best 51.5% against them. not only are we not giving up the big plays, we arent giving up the dink and dunk stuff underneath. 5.7 ypa allowed is best in league amongst those with 5 games (and 3rd overall).

*steelers have allowed 3 td's through the air in 5 games. last year, by this time we gave up 3 in 1 game to the bungles alone. only 3 teams (who have all had bye weeks) have allowed fewer.

*163 ypg is 2nd best to the great tandem of dre bly and champ bailey in denver. looks like our cb's are in good company.

*the OL has willie parker leading the league in rushing.

*the steelers passer rating as a whole is a league best 4th at 99.something.

*ben has not been spending as much time on his back which can be attributed to him being fully healthy as opposed to this point last season.

*joey porter departure and aging lb's?- tied for 1st in sacks.

*bens interceptions?- 3 the great drew brees and tony romo are leaving that number in the dust.

sure the steelers have yet to play anybody, but its the same story as the one at the end of preseason.

i say the steelers will "keep on keeping on" and stay afloat on the standards they have set in vol.I and vol.II.

thats my story and im sticking to it.