View Full Version : FOX/Glazer: Singing the Praises of Unsung Heroes (Marvel Smith)

10-19-2007, 08:04 PM
Not sure I agree that "Ben has had ample time in the pocket," but it's definitely not because of Marvel Smith's play that Ben has been rushed at times. It's nice to see a talent like Marvel get the recognition he deserves.

Steelers LT Marvel Smith ? Not as under-the-radar as the rest of the people on our list, Smith is still pretty anonymous when it comes to finding reasons for the Steelers' solid start. While their defense, Big Ben and Willie Parker get most of the credit, head coach Mike Tomlin says it's the unassuming guys like Smith who make this team tick.

"You hear about guys being high maintenance or low maintenance? This guy is NO maintenance," said Tomlin. "I don't think he's been beaten for a sack yet and he's gone against some tough rushers. You never have to worry about someone getting to Ben on that side or the run breaking down. He's as solid as I've been around."

The Steelers defense has been stellar, but Pittsburgh has been able to run the ball successfully with Parker and Najeh Davenport, and Big Ben has had ample time in the pocket. While Alan Faneca is the true All-Pro of that line, guys like Smith quietly push a team to that next level.