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tony hipchest
10-26-2007, 10:07 AM
...and got some nice pictures. with a max speed of 300mph and a ceiling of 25,000', we took a nice cruise of about 200 mph, at a low 1000' altitude.




while i live in the desert, it is really a basin at 4300 elevation surrounded by mountains. my town is at the foot of these (which is the tail end of the rocky mountains)

the peak in the distance is sierra blanca (white mountain), which is the southernmost ski resort in america. at 12,000 feet, it is snow capped for most of dec-feb. not bad for the middle of the desert.

they let us climb around in the plane during the flight. we got to ride with the pilots, in the front, in the nose, manning the cannons, and in the tail gunner area. by no means is war fun. but if i ever had to go, i think this is what i wouldve wanted to do.

the coolest part of the ride was the open hole in the side of the plane. the pilots told us they didnt care what body parts we stuck out of the plane (hehe :moon:) and as long as they returned with half of us, they were cool.

of course, i stuck my head out, and arms, and hung the camera out. ive never sky dived or parachuted. i always thought it might scarry or nervous. but i felt none of that. i had an incredible urge to jump out, with images of pink floyd's "learning to fly" video in my head.

i think i got some arial shots of white sands, i will try and post later.

10-26-2007, 10:53 AM
Very cool, Tony.

Yet still no photos of the elusive Hipchest...

I agree, if I had to go, I would have liked to have gone in one of these.

How did you set this thing up?

10-26-2007, 10:55 AM
sweeeeet ! sounds like it was a blast. to bad they didn't hook ya up with some live ammo. you could've straffed some desert critters... :scratchchin:....or the cards stadium.:chuckle:

10-26-2007, 11:17 AM
Nice....Looks like a lot of fun.

10-26-2007, 12:05 PM
Oooooh, awesome. I've done the B17, never the '25. Great pics, thanks for sharing them!


10-26-2007, 01:07 PM
Beautiful Plane!!!

The Duke
10-26-2007, 01:24 PM
Damn, that's an awesome plane. I've never sky dived, but that seem like a great place to start

10-26-2007, 03:43 PM
Those are the planes that were used in Jimmy Doolittle's raid on Japan. Sweet!

tony hipchest
10-26-2007, 04:50 PM
How did you set this thing up?our company sponsored/contributed/made a donation to our air show which will be the 1st annual air and space expo, featuring the annual x-prize cup. some of the perks of contributing = the plane ride, picture taken with a stealth, meet and greet (and drink at the o'club) with the general and pilots, front row seating on the flightline and catering.

the 2 day event celebrating 60 years of the air force and 50 years of space exploration will be awsome, featuring-

northrop grumman lunar lander challenge (the winning prototype takes home $500,000)

b-2 bomber fly over at 500'

f-117 fighter mock bomb run at 500' (they bury enough explosives to mimick a 500 lb bomb out beyond the flightline. for those who watched the bombing of baghdad on the news, it is exactly like that. the stealths are retiring so alot of people will probably wanna come and see them for the last time and in a strange sense probably pay them respect for their military duty.

the german tornados were gonna do an in air refueling demo at 500'. the german commander scrapped the idea mid week. i guess having a refueling tanker buzz the tower (and about 20,000 spectators) isnt such a good idea. :dang: i was looking forward to it. they may do a mock bomb run. you cant go wrong with demolitions.

and finally the unveiling f-22 raptor (soon to be our newest resident).

sweeeeet ! sounds like it was a blast. to bad they didn't hook ya up with some live ammo. you could've straffed some desert critters... :scratchchin:....or the cards stadium.:chuckle: funny story. i was talking to a pilot who relayed a story he heard from an old school A-10 warthog pilot, who did a few exercises out here at white sands missle range.

new mexico imported a bunch of oryx from africa, way back in the 40's or something and let them lose on the range, and they flourished. (an oryx is like a giant antelope w/2 long horns on its head)

anyways this was back in like the 50's or 60's when you could be in the military and kinda get away with shit, but this guy would see huge herds out on the range and fly in real low and slow and chase them around and mow them down with the 60 mm cannons. :jawdrop:

10-26-2007, 05:14 PM
I'm envious. I've been wanting to fly on one for years. It's just too darn expensive. We have one visit Teterboro every year. I'm sure it was a thrill.

tony hipchest
10-26-2007, 07:46 PM
note the pilots kills are painted on the side. on the other side (for the co-pilot) it says "the other guy" :chuckle:


near the tail of the plane you can see the hole most of the arial pictures were taken from. knowing i could leap, or fall out of there was quite a thrill.

inside the bomb bay. alot of guys who flew and maintained missions autographs and messages were all over the place. it woulda been nice to read it all.

random people :hunch:. theres the hole near the fire extinguisher i wanted to jump out of (i thought about the steelers mile-high loss for a nanosecond :chuckle: )

so we fly along the mt range as seen in previous pictures, then turn around and head back to the airport... (what us non pilots call "flipping a bitch". :dang:)

i learned this plane takes 2 people to fly.

back to the airport. believe it or not, it appears we have farmland. lol. dont let that fool you unless youre interesting in investing in osteritches. actually, our pistachio, and pecan groves are cashing in big time. the pistachio farm was started by an air force captain 30+ years ago. federal/state loans and grants to start a farm are a good thing, if youre into nuts, as opposed to eating a 6 foot tall chicken that runs faster than a roadrunner and kicks like bruce lee :hunch:.


a bit of town, and white sands off in the distance. its safe to say we have the worlds largest beach that has no water. a fact to say the worlds largest gypsum deposit. (imagine table salt spilt 100+ miles long X 60 wide and up to 20' high)

lol. this is our mall, along with the new Lowes, and Home Depot side by side (who says NASCAR doesnt have long arms?). note our 2nd Sonic in the home depot parking lot. :toofunny: yeah, thats right, we suck.

10-26-2007, 11:32 PM
Wow - - it is turning into a 'real' town.... I remember one of my military wife friends saying at her going away party - - "You know you have been in Alamogordo too long when there is a dress at K-mart that you JUST CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT!!!!" How true....

My neighbor, when I lived there flew helicopters - - mostly running fence lines and the like... He took me for a ride and we chased cows and jackrabbits.... It was one of those bubble front choppers and the sides were open... About half way through the ride I realized that if I lost my favorite rubbah slippah whilst riding around, I would never get it back... I put my feet back down on the floor....

Great picture of a beautiful area...

Oh - - one of our good friends started a pistachio farm in 1980 while we were there - - I don't remember how long it was going to be before they started making money, but I guess the time has come.... I will have to dig out their addy and hit them up for some freebees.......

Thanks, Tony - - that is a neat experience.....

Cape Cod Steel Head
10-27-2007, 09:21 AM
Very cool! I've done a B-17, B-29 (one of only 2 or three that are still flying) but never in a B-25.