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Atlanta Dan
10-31-2007, 05:25 PM
Here is the link to the transcript for Ben's session with the Baltimore media


Ben lays it on pretty thick here:

On the Ravens? defense being less intimidating than it once was: ?Well, I know you guys are going to try to get me to say something, but I?m a little smarter than that. You know what? Their defense is unbelievable. We anticipate them having everybody back full strength ? obviously they don?t have Adalius Thomas. You can go right down the list and every guy is a threat, every guy is someone that you need to keep your eye on. And you can?t say that about any defenses in the NFL. So, I?m trying to hurry up and get off the phone with you guys so I can go watch some more film, because the things that they do, it?s pretty intense and pretty crazy.?:sofunny:

I look for a maximum effort from the Ravens Monday night, but anyone who thinks that defense has not slipped is delusional.

10-31-2007, 05:34 PM
as i keep saying...there still the #2 D in the league right now.maybe there not as good as last year ,but thier still better than ANY unit we've faced thus far.ben has been running for his life in just about every games so far, unless the oline has divine intervention sunday,i look for him to keep running.

10-31-2007, 06:12 PM
I look for a maximum effort from the Ravens Monday night, but anyone who thinks that defense has not slipped is delusional.

My bet too. When Ben said "Their defense is unbelievable" he may not realize how true this could be on Monday night. But for Baltimore this won't be a good thing.

I think the Ravens are over-selling their health on both sides. And, especially, if we can get ahead quickly - which I think we will - it's going to be a joy to watch them try to play catch up.

My crystal ball sees exposed receivers and a No. 27 in camouflage packing birdshot.

10-31-2007, 06:25 PM
Ben seems to be taking this approach the right away. He is not worrying about the media or worrying about the injury list. He is taking this game like he should.

Ben knows no matter what this defense will look like last years with a lot of exotic blitzes and zone blitzes to get to Ben and make him force silly plays.

Ben seems to be watching film alot and doing his best to study their defense and getting ready for a shootout against the ratbirds!

10-31-2007, 07:49 PM
if the browns can beat seattle, (possible) and we loss to the ravens, the top three teams will all pull even in the division. this is a VERY important game. next time we see the ravens, it will be in baltimore.

there are a lot of reasons this is a big game, and we can not forget how the ravens always play physical with us. i hope pittsburgh is not overlooking this game, or under estimating the opponent, because it would be very BAD to loss this one!

Galax Steeler
11-01-2007, 03:45 AM
I don't think we are overlooking this game because you can't it is a very important division game.

11-01-2007, 03:57 PM
I don't think they are overlooking this. It's a key divisional matchup, it's at home in front of a national audience, and they will be prepared.

I think both teams will be fired up and looking to lay some wood.

I also agree Ben will be running for his life a good bit I think that will be a pattern all season. However, I also think he will have success making plays outside the pocket.

11-01-2007, 10:29 PM
Its impossible to overlook a division rival who kicked
your butt twice(which means at your home). Impossible to overlook that.

Dino 6 Rings
11-02-2007, 11:30 AM
being that of all the teams in the AFC, these 2 are the other 2 not being talked about that have a real shot at making a playoff run, this is a big game.

The difference, our offense is 10 times better than the Ravens offense.

Our Defense is going to eat them alive, score and dominate. This game will be over at halftime with the Steelers playing "kill the clock" the entire 2nd half. Looking for a 38 minute time of possession by the Steelers by the end of the gam. No Fear hear, this game is coming at the perfect time. Right after a Bengals whooping. Confidence is at an all time high right now, and it will NOT fade on Monday Night.