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Livinginthe past
10-12-2005, 08:50 AM
Im sure everyone on here is aware of my opinion that the Colts D is this seasons biggest fraud - the pundits are forever saying - 'sure they played poor opposition - but you can only beat whats put in front of you'.

I happen to agree with this - but maybe they should take that into account before writing excitable articles about the Colts 'dominant D'.

In this regard, how many points do you think the Colts will concede in their first game against a quality Offense?

Personally I think it will be in the 24-30 region - this maybe still enough to win against a poor Rams D.



10-12-2005, 08:56 AM
I tend to agree. The one advantage teams playing the Rams have though is they aren't nearly as prolific on the road as they are at home, but that's likely due to playing in a dome, so we can scratch that advantage as well.

What I'm most interested to see is if the Rams not-so-great D continues the growing trend of being able to contain and/or control that high-powered Indy Offense. Only the 49ers have really failed in that respect this year, and they are fairly awful.

tony hipchest
10-12-2005, 09:45 AM
ravens d is the biggest fraud in the nfl, hands down. i think the rams will be slowed down quite a bit. then again colts catch them on the week their head coach is taking a leave of absense. all the cards have been falling the colts way. (knocking out boller, facing a. smith) that confidence from winning may actually make their defense better than their talent would suggest. for years weve heard how sucky the steelers secondary is and how they need a 1st round cb, t. law, etc. yet as these young players learn and develop in lebeau's system they keep standing ground and improving. colts d has alot of young players who are learning and getting better. as a whole i think their defense has more upside than downside. as for the ravens, their upside was seen in 2000. in the famous words of e.a. poe "nevermore"

10-12-2005, 10:24 AM
Oh, yeah...the Rams will be w/o Mike Martz this week, which will A) Give the Rams a reason to "Win one for the Gipper", and B) Probably see an improvement in game management, since no coach in the NFL makes more boneheaded coaching decisions than Martz.

Call it an upset special this week, as Pete Prisco once again shows how stupid he is, and the Colts lose by a couple TD's.