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10-12-2005, 09:17 PM
Rk Team W-L Last Wk 2005 Only Offense Rk Defense Rk Sp. Tms Rk

1. COLTS 5-0 4 3 5 5 21
The Colts are the last undefeated team in the NFL, and their next two games come against the teams ranked 29th (STL) and 31st (HOU). Should Indianapolis fans have any reason to worry? Actually, yes, because this edition of the Colts still has the same weakness as the last few editions of the Colts: they can't stop the run. DVOA ranks them third in pass defense but 21st in run defense. They let Kevan Barlow rush for 99 yards ? a total Barlow has only topped twice in the last season and a half. NEXT: Monday night at home vs. STL.

2. STEELERS 3-1 1 4 3 7 25
The official NFL rankings, which base things on yards per game, say that Pittsburgh is the league's 15th best passing offense, below the Vikings, Browns and Cardinals. Does this sound right to you? Pittsburgh is averaging 9.2 net yards per pass attempt, and no other team averages more than 7.6 net yards per pass attempt. We say that Pittsburgh has the league's best passing game. A couple weeks of Charlie Batch will be a temporary blip, but a whole season without Big Ben would be a real problem for the Steelers. NEXT: vs. JAC

3. BENGALS 4-1 3 1 6 4 6
It wouldn't be a problem for the Bengals, though. Cincinnati fans love Charlie Batch. They can't get enough Charlie Batch. Fred Taylor, however, is a different story. Like the Colts, Cincinnati has been much better this year against the pass (2nd in DVOA), but still has a major problem stopping the run (22nd in DVOA). NEXT: at TEN

4. CHARGERS 2-3 5 5 2 18 8
The best 2-3 team in NFL history? Before Monday night, our ratings had San Diego and Pittsburgh ranked as the top two offenses in the league; so it was very strange to see the game start as a defensive battle. But it wasn't strange to see it end as an offensive battle. NEXT: at OAK

Rk Team W-L Last Wk 2005 Only Offense Rk Defense Rk Sp. Tms Rk

5. GIANTS 3-1 6 2 4 20 1
The Giants are currently No. 1 in two very important categories: first-quarter offense and offense in the second half of close games (within one touchdown). A team with a strong first-quarter offense can dictate the pace of the game. A team with a strong offense in the second half of close games can win even when it hasn't dictated the pace of the game. NEXT: at DAL ? Boy, does this game look more interesting than it did five weeks ago?

6. EAGLES 3-2 2 11 8 8 32
Speaking of teams with strong first-quarter offenses ... The Eagles were first in that category last year, a major reason why they went to the Super Bowl. This year, they are 24th. The Eagles' problem isn't that they can't establish the run. The Eagles' problem is that they can't establish anything. NEXT: BYE, then vs. SD

7. SEAHAWKS 3-2 11 6 1 24 20
You just remember who has been driving the Matt Hasselbeck bandwagon since the off-season ? it's the guy who put Hasselbeck on the cover of his book, only to have the publishing company misspell his name. Really, that one's not on me. NEXT: vs. HOU ? This may be the only week all year you'll hear anyone in your fantasy football league say, "I'm starting the Seattle defense."

8. BUCS 4-1 7 8 22 2 13
For Brian Griese, it was a relaxing day, like playing catch on the sidelines at Michigan alumni weekend. Unfortunately, Ty Law is on the other team. NEXT: vs. MIA ? Assuming Cadillac Williams is healthy and on the field, it should be interesting to watch him go up against the league's top run defense.

Rk Team W-L Last Wk 2005 Only Offense Rk Defense Rk Sp. Tms Rk

9. PATRIOTS 3-2 8 19 10 28 16
On one hand, the Patriots are being held up in the ratings by their 2004 performance, which was the best in the league. Notice that they rank 19th if we consider 2005 only, because two of their wins have been very close, and their two losses were both spankings. Conversely, the Patriots are penalized by the fact that opponents' adjustments are not yet at full strength. Based on the average rating of opponents, the Patriots have had the league's third-hardest schedule so far. San Diego is second. Keep reading for the surprising answer to which team ranks first. NEXT: at DEN ? Nice to have that one back. The 2004 season was the first year since the Eisenhower administration that didn't include a New England-Denver game.

10. FALCONS 3-2 9 10 7 21 17
The Falcons moved from 18th to 13th in passing offense this week. Is that because Matt Schaub is a much better passer than Michael Vick, or because the New England secondary has been horrid since Rodney Harrison went out? Atlanta is another good team that can't stop the run this year (29th in run defense DVOA) which is another reason to consider hopping on the Antowain Smith roto bandwagon, at least for a couple weeks. NEXT: vs. NO in San Antonio


10-13-2005, 09:02 AM
i think the patriots should be way higher and certainly above the giants

10-13-2005, 09:12 AM
I'd say the Bunglas, Giants and Sea Chickens are all overrated, and you can move the Pats up a couple spots.

Steel - X
10-13-2005, 01:50 PM
I disagree with the Bengals they will be tuff this season, there defense keeps in proving every week and there offense is well just good. The Giants defense is not outstanding and there offense is far from being excellent and the Seahwaks do not belong on the list. I would take the cowgirls over the Haks right now.

10-15-2005, 01:57 AM
Gonna have to go with...

1. Colts - Double digits is a lofty goal now when playing against them.
2. Pats - They may end up 8-8 at this pace, but until they lose 2 in a row, they're never out.
3. Steelers - While penalized heavy, showed poise in the SD win.
4. Cincy - only here cause TB is hurting, but still solid
5. TB - Kifin has this group fired up again, but will the consistency on Offense remain?

Will be glad to put more NFC teams up there once they stop losing to each other and get on some kind of streak.