View Full Version : Not in PA.........NFL TV Schedule

11-08-2007, 08:07 AM
Can anyone tell me how the NFL decides what games its going to put on the tube. The reason I ask is that I'm in a city where the team is having a down year and when that team is scheduled to play at one o'clock most of the time on the otjher network there is no game until 4pm and vice-versa.

The NFL has been so broad for so many years and people have migrated for so many years that the fan basis for teams in each city are diverse. The core of fans may be for the home city. But at least 20-30% of the people in major cities root for other teams. I know about ticket sales and some black out rules but it just seams that the NFL makes enough money that they would not allow the major cities black out other games or is it the network affiliates that decide weather they will show a non-regional game.

If that is the case i am really befuddled because one day there was a great game scheduled on CBS at 1pm but the station where I am had on INFOMERCIALS!!! I just don't get that. I would think they would generate more viewers if they showed an NFL game.

11-08-2007, 10:57 AM
I understand completely, I live in Denver and I am forced to watch the donkeys every week. So I got directtv and sunday ticket. they had a deal where you get every channel available (including movie channels) and sunday ticket for 70 bucks a month. Its a steal.
Normally I go to rock bottom and keep my fingers crossed they put the steelers on the big screen. Now I get to watch from my couch.