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10-14-2005, 09:47 AM
I love it! New levels of sucktitude for the Ratfreaks.

Ravens may be beyond repair

Adam Schein (http://msn.foxsports.com/writer/archive?authorId=278) / Special to FOXSports.com
Posted: 11 hours ago

Let me state for the record I think that Ravens coach Brian Billick has done a fantastic job in his tenure as the coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

If you don't believe me, ask Brian. He'll be the first to tell you how great a job he's done.

Let me now state for the record that I wonder if he has totally lost this team.

It is a simple fact in the NFL; coaches have a shelf-life in a certain place.

Bill Cowher's run in Pittsburgh is abnormal.

Hall of Famer-to-be Bill Parcells' vagabond approach is not.

At some point the players stop receiving the message.

It looks as if Billick's time is up with the Baltimore Ravens. And great general manager Ozzie Newsome sadly might not be far behind.

Look ? I've been dead wrong on the Ravens this year.

I really thought the defense would be high-flying and make play after play. It's alarming and stunning that Ed Reed doesn't have an interception in 2005. Big ticket free agent Samari Rolle hasn't done anything. Ray Lewis isn't sipping from the fountain of youth. Deion Sanders needs to go back to broadcasting. The front four gets swallowed up by larger offensive lineman. And this team has lost a ton of defensive coaching talent through the years, ranging from Marvin Lewis, to Jack Del Rio, to Mike Nolan, to Mike Singletary.

But it's more than the high profile defense not living up to the hype.

The offense is flat out terrible.

Jonathan Ogden looks very old. The offensive line is weak all around. Jamal Lewis has totaled 233 yards, averaging a lowly 58 yards per game.

Can you imagine how bad it would be if Billick didn't hire his offensive 'dream team' of coaches with Jim Fassel and Rick Neuheisel?

3 gurus. 0 quarterbacks.

And this is where Billick and Newsome will fall on their own swords.

Even after they reached for Kyle Boller, who has all the skill sets you want to see at the combine but never wowed you in the Pac-10, you thought Boller would be somewhat of a success because of Billick's ability to develop a QB.

It hasn't worked.

And the coddling of Boller, and the reluctant nature to bring in an established backup has crippled this team for this season.

Can you imagine if Kelly Holcomb was starting at QB after the Boller injury?

Or better yet, Kerry Collins?

Collins would've gladly accepted a deal with the Ravens if they had interest. But Newsome and Billick didn't want legit competition for their bonus baby, thinking it could zap Boller's confidence, or worse, make them look bad for making the 2003 draft day deal with New England and taking Boller.

For Billick, Kyle Boller became about ego.

Kerry Collins gets the Ravens into the playoffs last year.

A quarterback other than Anthony Wright could currently take advantage of Pro Bowl caliber tight end Todd Heap and free agent pick up Derrick Mason.

Billick and Newsome have botched the QB position since letting Trent Dilfer go after the Super Bowl win a few years ago.

But it's even more than a flat defense and no offense for the 1-3 Ravens.

They have spiraled out of control. They don't listen to Billick.

21 penalties against the Lions. That's totally losing it, low-lighted by Terrell Suggs' pathetic act of trying to intimidate ref Mike Carey. The game against the Lions was an indictment of how much Billick's troops aren't following his lead.

The Ravens aren't focused.

Ed Reed wants a new deal.

Jamal Lewis is angry he hasn't received an extension he thought he was promised.

Ogden is angry the team cut his brother.

Derrick Mason chucked the football in the Lions game, perhaps mad that he signed with the Ravens over the Patriots, when New England offered him more money.

The defense dislikes the offense.

Chris McAlister is seemingly mad at the world.

And Brian Billick can't change his "players' coach" approach. That would be too radical of a shift.

Whenever I hear that term, I think of Jim Fassel with the Giants. He had a great run in New York, but it ended badly in 2003, with the players making foolish mistakes and not paying any attention to him. He also lost defensive coordinator John Fox and never replaced him.

That team was loaded with talent and pre-season hype. Just like the 2005 Ravens.

Both coached by players' coaches. I asked Giant Tiki Barber about this comparison. He totally agreed.

New Ravens owner Steve Biscotti doesn't have a pre-existing relationship with Newsome like the wonderful one Ozzie shared with Art Model.

Ozzie could be in trouble.

And for Billick, I've always argued he's a great coach. I love how he takes the heat off of his players and puts it on himself. I think he's a bright man and has been underrated the past 7 years. I hope I am wrong and the Ravens suddenly get hot.

But at this stage, is that possible?

How much longer can it go on? And make sure you put the name Kyle Boller on the epitaph.

10-14-2005, 10:41 AM
Look ? I've been dead wrong on the Ravens this year.

That's putting it lightly.

I usually listen to Adam Schein's show "The Afternoon Blitz" on Sirius NFL Radio and since the early spring, even well before the draft he was slobbering all over the Ravens that they were his sure pick to win the AFC North and be a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
He predicted:
Boller would have a break-out season with the receiver additions on offense. :blah:
Jamal Lewis would be very hungry and have a monster year after getting out of the "Klink". :blah:
The Ravens Defense would return to past glory with Rex Ryan putting in the 46. :blah:

It's nice to hear Adam eat a nice plate of Crow/Raven.

I hope I am wrong and the Ravens suddenly get hot.
I hope you're wrong too and the Rats continue on the dismal and pathetic path they've gotten themselves onto.
I truly hate this 'thug" organization and their fanbase as well and wish nothing but a complete and total implosion on their season.

10-14-2005, 12:08 PM
My family is enjoying this implosion of the Ratbirds.Browns fans and Steeler fans can agree on only two things...the Bengals suck and the Ravens suck more.

10-14-2005, 12:14 PM
Deion Sanders needs to go back to broadcasting.

:hasign: I enjoyed that

tony hipchest
10-14-2005, 02:10 PM
i listen to a. scheines show also. i like the show but the way he slobbered on these rats was disgusting. earlier in the day c. carter had ed reed on, like every friday. you shouldve heard him whining today about his 15,000$ fine. (that is if you could understand a single word this blabbering fool was saying.) i bet he never attended 1 calss at the U. he is over rated. pulamalu is 10x better and farrior was robbed! finally there is no way sanders needs another broadcasting job. or any job on tv. he totally sucks and would just keep someone with the qualifications and communication skills like jerome bettis out of work.

10-14-2005, 03:10 PM
Adam Schein is usually wrong about everything...I think he had the Steelers finishing at 7-9 or some such bullshit, so it's fun to watch him have to eat his own hat.

10-14-2005, 05:18 PM
I love it, the ratbirds are imploding from within and billick is still letting ray ray and inmates run the asylum!!

Down w/ the Ratbirds!! I love every second of their demise !! :tt: :tt:

10-15-2005, 03:08 AM
Its one thing to finish 2nd to us year after year. Its another to finish behind the Bengals and Browns.